Apr 12, 2017 12:20 PM

Why Does Marijuana Give Us Chills?

The feeling of slight shivers is one of those minor cannabis side effects that every stoner faces from time to time. That is why getting under a warm blanket feels so good. Does marijuana really lower the temperature of our bodies and should we be concerned about this effect?

All stoners know that dry mouth and red eyes are the constant companions of a euphoric high. Some strains inevitably lead to them, others do not. Although chills are less common, they are also a minor effect that many stoners have to deal with.

These shivers are the result of the decrease of our body temperature or, in other words, THC-induced hypothermia. The phenomenon may seem dangerous, but, in fact, the drop is so small that it does not cause any damage. A simple blanket can help you deal with the problem.

It may sound odd, but cannabis acts similarly to wasabi and chili peppers. Such hot and spicy foods help you cool down a little. When you eat these products, your brain responds to the spice or heat and ignites chemical reactions that lower your body temperature. Scientists believe that this process is regulated by the TRPA-1 receptor that is responsible for pain and temperature control.

In the case of weed, its compounds also trigger the same receptor. Besides, the herb is usually consumed in the form of hot smoke and vapor. This is why it makes us cooler.

Unfortunately, as with many fields of cannabis research, there are very few studies that examine this issue. Besides, most of them were conducted on rodents. The THC-induced hypothermia was first noted back in the 1970s. A decade later, the effect was confirmed by several rodent studies.

Due to the lack of research, the role of the TRPA-1 receptor in cannabis influence on humans is still theoretical. Some scientists believe that hypothermia may be a result of other more complicated factors. Marijuana affects other receptors as well. Our bodies have their own endocannabinoid systems that react to marijuana compounds. A few studies showed the connection between our cannabinoid receptors and temperature regulation.

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Moreover, some scientific literature even suggests that low doses of weed cause the opposite effect—hyperthermia (an increase of body temperature). It means that a few puffs will make you sweat, but a strong high can cool you down.

The most exciting benefit of this side effect is the help marijuana can provide us during hot summer days. To fill them will a sweet and cooling high, choose the following strains.

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