May 15, 2017 12:45 PM

Why Are My Eyes Red After Smoking Weed?

Red eyes are the most common sign that a person has smoked marijuana. Although you probably can give a hoot about it, the negative social stigma still forces you to hide it. So, why do your eyes get red and how can you eliminate this side effect? Here are the main reasons for eye redness and things you can do to prevent it.

First of all, there is no need to worry about red eyes when you smoke weed, as this effect is temporary and even beneficial for glaucoma patients. Though it is a common yet individual reaction, some pot consumers can be less sensitive to eye redness. Moreover, the occurrence of this side effect also depends on marijuana type, quantity, and quality.

Fighting Glaucoma: Marijuana Can Potentially Treat Eye Disease
Fighting Glaucoma: Marijuana Can Potentially Treat Eye Disease
Glaucoma hurts over 3 million of people in the U.S., but half of the patients do not know about their condition. However, this eye disease is one of the most common reasons for blindness, as glaucoma may show no symptoms in the early stages.

Most Common Reasons for Stoner's Eyes

  1. The initial reason for eye redness is the action of delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This cannabis compound reduces blood pressure, which results in the ocular capillaries dilation. Thus, your eyes turn red because of the increased blood flow. This effect of THC is beneficial for glaucoma patients who suffer from increased pressure in the eye that leads to vision loss. However, some pot consumers can avoid red eyes if they opt for low-THC marijuana strains.
  2. Even high-CBD strains will not save you from bloodshot eyes if you are allergic to weed. The herb produces pollen that causes allergic reactions in people like red eyes, swelling, itchy skin, etc.
  3. Besides, some studies have found that weed users can experience red eyes because of cannabis smoke. If you consume pot in a poorly ventilated room, the smoke can irritate your eyes by making them red.
  4. However, eye redness may also occur after eating weed-laced brownies or vaporizing pot concentrates. This phenomenon is only explained with genetic pre-disposition towards red eyes from weed.

Short-Term Effects of Recreational Cannabis Use
Short-Term Effects of Recreational Cannabis Use
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How to Cure Red Eyes After Smoking Cannabis?

Though eye redness only lasts for several hours, some pot consumers would like to have an immediate solution to this issue. The following methods will help you minimize or even avoid eye redness during or after smoking marijuana.

  1. Choose marijuana strains with high CBD or CBN levels. High-THC weed strains can stimulate the reddening of your eyes during toking.
  2. Consume marijuana outdoors or in places with good ventilation. If you feel that cannabis smoke irritates your eyes, try to eliminate its influence.
  3. Stay hydrated. Make sure that you drink enough water to prevent dryness in your eyes and mouth.
  4. Use eye drops. The best eye drops for weed users are chemical drops like Visine. They are commonly used for eye irritation, but they can also reduce eye redness caused by marijuana. Moreover, you can add artificial tears to your marijuana kit, as this medicine will relieve eye dryness that usually happens when you are high.
  5. Try other remedies. There are some natural remedies for reducing eye redness, and you can try some of them. Just place ice packs or cotton balls soaked in bilberry tea or rose water on your eyelids for five or ten minutes. Slices of cucumber will also come in handy if you want to cure your bloodshot eyes.
  6. Wear sunglasses. This useful accessory will not let other people know about your cannabis consumption. Moreover, the sunlight may be dangerous for your red eyes, and sunglasses can prevent its negative effects.
  7. Stay at home. If you cannot stop the natural reddening of the eyes from weed, you can plan your smoke sessions on your day off. It will let you fully enjoy the pleasure from marijuana without any fear that somebody can disturb you.

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