May 6, 2016 8:30 AM

What is Better: Smoking Weed After Workout or Before?

If you think that people who try to keep their bodies in a good shape do not smoke weed, you are mistaken. Even professional athletes do it from time to time. Some of them even come out to the public and claim that smoking weed before and after a workout helps them in their exercises.

It has already been established that marijuana is not an enemy to sports. On the contrary, cannabis can actually help people keep fit. Many studies prove that the plant can increase the positive effects of physical activities on our bodies. However, the question remains—what is the best way to combine weed and sports and how can you get the most out of it? Since you can hardly smoke in the process of working out, there are only two options left—consuming cannabis before or after working out. Which way should you choose? Let us look at the benefits of both methods.

Weed Before Workout

Weed actually helps you perform better at sports. A decade ago, cannabis components were not included on the list of banned substances by the International Olympic Committee. Today, marijuana is listed there. This fact is not surprising—weed can make your performance better. While marijuana is usually associated with couch-locked people who have constant munchies, there are many strains of the plant and each one has unique effects. Many strains can boost your energy and help you discover your second breath.

Some athletes claim that cannabis helps them unlock their performance potential. First of all, cannabinoids reduce anxiety and help you reach for new limits and records. Cannabis also makes you hyper-focused. Many runners report that when they consume marijuana before their training, they stay in a steady rhythmic zone and do not suffer from a usual monotony of a marathon.

Weed After Workout

While marijuana consumption before exercises makes you all revved up and ready to show your best skills, the dose of cannabinoids after a workout is the best way to relax the muscles. Each super intensive workout is followed by super soreness on the next couple of days. Fortunately, marijuana can help you with this. The answer is very simple—get high when you are done. Your muscles will recover faster and with less pain.

Besides, we all know that marijuana is the best way to relax. It can calm down both your body and mind after the stress that they endure while training. The rush of happiness and peace is the best way to gain balance after a tiresome session.

Before vs After

As we can see, smoking weed after working out is as useful as doing it before a sports session. So why should we choose only one option? Maybe, their combination is the best way to do things. You should just choose your strains wisely. Pre-sport smoke has to lift your spirit and give you additional energy—any sativa strain can do this. For the after-sport smoke, you should choose heavy indica-dominant strains that will relax you and even give you a few hours of peaceful sleep.

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