Jul 7, 2016 9:05 AM

What Happens to You When You Smoke Mix of Weed and Tobacco?

Some users are sure that smoking a spliff or a blunt, a joint with marijuana and tobacco, provides a super-euphoric effect and makes you feel better than ever. Others insist that the aftereffect of such a mix may undo all the positive effects and make you feel miserable afterwards. So, what is actually happening to your body when you smoke tobacco and marijuana together?

The effect of spliff

The mix of tobacco and weed has its own name—“spliff.” Blunt, in its turn, is a usual marijuana joint covered with a tobacco leaf. The taste may be different, but both spliffs and blunts bring to your body a mix of the same particles that has a specific effect on your body and mind.

There is a reason why spliffs are so popular. Cannabinoids in marijuana bring you a powerful psychoactive sensation of “feeling good” together with a muscle relaxing effect. Nicotine chemicals cause an instant pleasant lightheaded feeling that puts you in a calm and optimistic mood.

Since both tobacco and THC have a euphoric effect, you may expect to get this special blissful happy state after smoking a spliff. This effect is what is usually called “a mellow high,” slightly sedative, relaxing, but without the overpowering brain fog. Of course, the effect on every person is different, but in most cases, a spliff will leave you able to hold discussions and calm conversations and to focus on details. However, highly energetic work will be too difficult to perform.

UW Researchers Are Looking for Cannabis and Tobacco Abusers
UW Researchers Are Looking for Cannabis and Tobacco Abusers
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Influence of tobacco on THC

One of the most surprising facts about spliffs was discovered during the study by the researchers at the Institute of Biology in the Netherlands in 2009. They found out that smoking a mix of tobacco and cannabis significantly increases the amount of available THC. They compared the result of smoking a pure marijuana joint and a spliff, in which cannabis content was only 25% of the mixture.

While the THC level in a joint with pure cannabis was about 32.70 milligrams per gram, it increased to 58.90 milligrams per gram in a joint with the mixture of cannabis and tobacco. This made the authors of the study conclude that tobacco had the ability to increase the vaporization efficiency of THC by approximately 45%.

This means that a spliff will make you feel the effects of THC significantly quicker, and the effect will be eventually much stronger compared to the regular joint.

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How can medical marijuana help with… Tobacco dependence?
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A conflict of two ingredients

Smoking a spliff may bring a special kind of head rush caused by different effects of tobacco and cannabis.

Nicotine causes a light-headed feeling as it stimulates adrenaline production. It makes your heart beat faster and your blood pressure rise. This feeling is similar to the one when you feel highly motivated to do something and feel the urge to do it now or never.

At the same time, the THC compound in cannabis usually makes the person more meditative. It may also provide giggles or philosophical musings. This kind of state requires a calm and quiet atmosphere with no rush.

Apparently, when combined, nicotine and THC have a small conflict which may cause a head rush sensation.

Another thing is the damage that tobacco causes to your body. This is quite serious, and the most dangerous consequence you might get after smoking tobacco is lung cancer. However, such a monstrous disease develops only if you smoke tobacco often and regularly.

Unlike marijuana, tobacco is known to cause problems with health, including asthma, different diseases of teeth and gums, emphysema, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It does not sound great at all, so you should understand the risks before you make a spliff a part of your everyday routine.

Does Smoking Marijuana Affect Our Lungs
Does Smoking Marijuana Affect Our Lungs
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How to reduce the risk

If you want to get the best from blunts or spliffs but do not want to risk your health, you should understand the factors that influence your health state.

As we have mentioned above, the more often you smoke tobacco, the greater are the risks to damage your health. The trick is, people who smoke regular cigarettes prefer to smoke more than one a day. On average, Americans smoke two to four cigarettes a day.

Because of the stronger effect, spliffs are not so easy to smoke one after another. In most cases, people do not smoke blunts or spliffs during the working time and prefer to smoke them occasionally in a circle of friends or as a nightcap. This significantly reduces the risks tobacco entails. The less often you smoke the mix of tobacco and cannabis, the better it is for your health.

On the other hand, regular cigarettes have filters, while spliffs usually do not, and blunts never have it. Filters prevent tars and carcinogens from getting into your lungs, and while you are smoking a blunt, the amount of these chemicals is much higher compared to a traditional tobacco cigarette with a filter.

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Study: Long-Term Weed Use Disrupts Brain's Natural Reward Processes
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Is there a safe way of smoking a spliff?

Most people who like to smoke spliffs and blunts insist that all the bad influence of tobacco is compensated by the anti-cancer properties of cannabis. Indeed, cannabinoids may have benefits for the treatment of cancer and some cancer-related side effects. Adding some cannabis to your tobacco cigarette can indeed lower the negative impact on your health, but it does not counteract it completely.

However, it is not only the ingredients you smoke but also the way you smoke that plays a significant role in cancer developing. Using a vaporizer, a bong, or consuming edibles provides no risk to your lung health, but it suits solo cannabis joints, not the mix of tobacco and cannabis.

There is no scientific evidence as to what is more dangerous, smoking tobacco cigarettes or spliffs, but if you consume a mix of cannabis and tobacco once in a while and use filters, there are lots of reasons to believe that the risks are low.

There is, probably, no way to consume tobacco and cannabis in a 100% safe way, so if you want to enjoy the special effect of this mix, use a sensible approach to the matter. Using this mix once in a while will not kill you, but, in any case, you should know about the risks involved.

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