Jun 22, 2016 9:15 AM

What Cannabis Topicals Can Help You With Arthritis?

Over 50 million people in the world suffer from arthritis, a condition that usually affects joints, causes severe pain, swelling and stiffness along with a decrease of motion range. If you are one of these people, cannabis might be the safe and natural alternative you have been searching for.

As a rule, painkillers, such as opiates are usually the primary treatment for severe arthritis. But most anesthetics have certain limitations. Thus, patients adjust to their doses and have to increase it, often reaching the highest allowable dose. However, even the maximum dose might not give some patients relief from pain.

Fortunately, cannabis is a new hope for eliminating arthritis symptoms. Marijuana is a highly effective anti-inflammatory agent that can be safely used in combination opiates. Research shows that cannabis use can help decrease the doses of painkillers; in states where weed legal, the number of opiate-related deaths has decreased by 25 percent. Moreover, cannabis can also improve mobility and reduce inflammation processes. Scientists believe that saturating the patient's CB2 receptors with cannabinoids may even repair the existing joint damage. Patients, who regularly take cannabis topicals, usually feel a gradual, but significant change in their pain and mobility.

The first step for people looking for a topical cannabis remedy is to find a product that they can apply regularly. Patients with mild arthritis may begin with a regular strength topical. Those, who suffer from severe pain, may try an extra-strong balm, for example, the Fleurish Farm’s one. This light hypoallergenic balm was developed for people with arthritis; the balm contains rosin, a special cannabis concentrate that has cannabinoids and powerful terpenes in it.

Whether you are using edibles or topicals, marijuana can help to ease pain and may even lead to long-lasting improvements in joint health. So, cannabis might be the perfect solution for patients with arthritis.

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