Apr 12, 2016 8:10 AM

What Are the Effects of Weed, or How to Find Out Your Children Are Smoking Pot?

Parenting is an arduous task, especially when your children are too young for you to let them make decisions on their own and old enough to disobey you. When they are at that age, we try not to control them, but certainly, if your kid is smoking marijuana, it would be nice to be aware of it. But how do we find out whether our children are smoking weed? Let us find the clues to smoke them out.

If it is not the first time you are looking for some information on how to find out that your kid is using cannabis, you might have looked through a lot of crazy and ridiculous recommendations. We decided to help you and explain why some of them do not work and give examples of the recommendations that can be useful. However, always remember that some arguments of your kid that at first sound improbable may turn out to be true. That is why you should not control and accuse but monitor and be ready to talk.

Unhelpful Recommendations (Do Not Follow Them)

Bad advice: Always monitor your children's eating habits. If your kid is smoking pot, they will start eating more because marijuana is a great appetite stimulant. So, if your child eats more than an average teenager and is going heavy on snack foods and sweetened beverages, you are in trouble.

Our response: The following question immediately suggests itself: how much does an average teenager eat, actually? It is always an individual issue. Moreover, did you not notice that the majority of teenagers are fond of crackers, chips, and sweetened non-alcoholic drinks? Next time your kid asks you for some more pie, please, do not start yelling right away.

Bad advice: Remove all the fresheners, aroma candles, or incense from your kid’s room. If he or she has them there, there is a high probability that your kid tries to mask the smell of marijuana.

Our response: This advice is so ridiculous that we are puzzled over the response. There are many girls that like to burn candles or incense. Basically, they are commonly used to create a special mood and get relaxed. Next time you have a bath surrounded by several aroma candles, get ready to invent a good explanation. And one little thing about fresheners: they are usually used by teenagers to mask not the pot smell but the sweat smell, for example. It seems like some adults forget that they were children once themselves.

Bad advice: Keep an eye out for disappearing or misplaced items. You child can remove the aerator from a faucet and use it as a pipe screen or snaffle a knife, matches, plastic bags, cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, or other items that may be useful for cannabis consumption.

Our response: It is hard to explain why this advice is stupid because we still cannot believe that someone thinks teenagers will act this way. But who knows, maybe an aerator from a faucet is the only thing that is needed to smoke weed?

Useful Recommendations

If you look at your kid’s eyes and notice a reddish cast to the whites of the eyes, it may be a reason to worry. Some teenagers use eye drops to make eyes look normal. A bottle of Visine is a perfect medicine to make your eyes look normal after smoking marijuana. If your kid has it in their bag, it is quite suspicious. Yes, there are many people who use eye drops as medication, but your child is probably not one of them.

Unusual odors can easily help you bring your kid to light. The thing is that if you smoke cannabis, your hair and clothes get an herbal odor that resembles fresh tomatoes and burnt tea leaves. If your kid smells like marijuana, it means that they where somewhere where weed was smoked. It does not necessarily mean that your child did it, or that it was a pleasant experience. Just talk to your kid.

Physical and mental signs can also be very important. These things are recommended to be monitored, but they should not become critical factors that mean your kid is smoking pot. Let us briefly specify some clues. Your kid may start telling some long and philosophic tales. They may start laughing at things that are not funny at all. Among physical signs, we can advise you to pay attention to dry mouth and hand tremors.

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