Nov 2, 2016 12:10 PM

Weed for Animals: Can You Cure Your Pet With Cannabis?

Cannabis can be an effective medical treatment for many serious human diseases, such as cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, and a wide range of other conditions. But can cannabis ease the suffering of our furry friends? Let us find out.

Although CBD treatment has been effective in dealing with arthritis, reducing seizures and cancer pain, improving the quality of life of senior pets, it remains illegal for veterinarians to prescribe it. However, many loving pet owners in legal marijuana states are allowed to give pot to their animals.

Gary Richter, one of the best American veterinarians, proves that medical cannabis can be really helpful for senior pets. Thus, he has treated his own dog with small doses of CBD and reported improvements in the dog’s conditions. Moreover, many CBD-infused pet products are now entering the cannabis market: VETCBD is now one of the most popular ones. Other companies like CannaCompanion offer CBD products for pets that contain only animal-safe ingredients.

It is important to know that cannabis products for animals should contain minimal amounts of THC, preferably less than 0.3%. These products cannot provide psychoactive effects and will not make your pet high.

Animals are more sensitive to THC than humans, so you need to be very careful when giving your pet products that contain the herb. Be sure not to give your animal concentrates or cannabutter, as large amounts of cannabis are extremely toxic for pets. Highly concentrated butter and candies are more likely to harm your pet than provide any positive impact. Recent research suggests that the lethal dose is 3 grams of oral THC per kilogram of the pet’s weight.

That is why the best option for providing your pet a better quality of life is to buy special cannabis products that are completely safe and healthy.

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