Apr 22, 2016 5:55 PM

Using Medicinal Cannabis to Treat Obesity: Is That Possible?

Medical marijuana is believed to be helpful for people with various health problems—from trouble sleeping and stress to such severe conditions as cancer or epilepsy. There are many possible uses of medical marijuana for adults, kids, and even pets, and even more are yet to be discovered. And one of the most recent ideas on how to benefit from using medical cannabis is related to managing weight.

Does weed make you skinnier?

A group of scientists from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center suggested marijuana may be beneficial for your blood sugar level. Further research showed that cannabis may also speed up your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories without undue effort. And though there is a common opinion that cannabis boosts your appetite, this fact does not mean that marijuana smokers overeat on a regular basis.

The fact that some marijuana strains may calm your mind and relax your body enough for you to pass out for the next few hours is one more reason why cannabis smokers are usually skinny. People do not eat when they sleep, right?

How may cannabis help you lose weight?

Marijuana may help you lose some extra pounds, indeed. But, according to a recent study conducted by a group of researchers from the Cornell University and San Diego State University, this beneficial side effect of consuming marijuana has less to do with cannabis itself. The main reason behind marijuana's ability to help you manage your weight is that the plant acts as a substitute for a substance that appears to be more dangerous and has a lot more calories than weed—alcohol.

One more thing weed may help you with is working out. As you probably know, exercises are an integral part of the weight loss process. According to a study, published in the journal Future Medicinal Chemistry, cannabis contains chemical compounds that are similar to the human body's natural endorphins. Furthermore, weed has an anti-inflammatory effect, so marijuana users are more likely to develop higher pain threshold. And this means that it will be easier for you to go through a tough workout without any extra discomfort.

And thanks to some manufacturers, you do not actually need to smoke weed in order to make your waistline a bit thinner. There are plenty of low-calorie, sugar-free and fat-free edibles infused with marijuana. So, even despite the fact that obesity is not yet included on the current list of conditions treated with medical marijuana, you may at least give it a try.

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