Aug 17, 2016 9:30 AM

Unveiling Secret Power of Hemp Root

People have been using hemp root for thousands of years. It has been applied both as an effective medical treatment and as an additive to gunpowder, lye, and rope. Hemp root was used since time immemorial; despite this, it remains illegal in most states. Hemp can be widely used for different purposes all around the world.

Cannabis vs. Hemp

Hemp is not able to leave its users with an altered mindset, as cannabis does. Hemp contains a minimum of THC that is responsible for the plant’s psychoactive properties. Cannabis plants are always female and usually grow larger and fluffier than hemp. In most cases, hemp presents non-budding male plants with thick stalks that grow faster than cannabis.

Both hemp and cannabis remain illegal in most American states. However, hemp has become one of the most useful cash crops worldwide. China and Canada are the leaders in growing and producing hemp, expanding their hemp volumes from year to year.

Unique Properties of Hemp Root

There are over 50,000 different ways we can use the hemp plant, from producing paper to medical treatment. Hemp is one of the most versatile substances available in the world. Its medical value alone should be enough to legalize hemp all over the world.

The hemp root is probably the most useful part of the plant. It can be dried into a powder, mashed into a paste, concentrated into a syrup-like texture, and even smashed for juicing.

Hemp was been used in the ancient China for its diuretic properties and for slowing the bleeding during childbirth. The Romans drank boiled hemp root to reduce inflammation and joint stiffness. Moreover, hemp has been used as an effective treatment for burns, worms, as an antipyretic and as an antiseptic.

Using Hemp Root Today

Nowadays, we have a variety of prescription pills to help every ailment. However, we have discontinued the use of such natural and safe products as hemp root. Still, the outstanding properties of hemp root should be carefully researched and only then used on an industrial scale.
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