May 11, 2016 8:20 AM

Three Incredible Weed Innovations Everyone Wants to See in Near Future

The future of marijuana is almost upon us. The innovations in the weed tech world continue to wow the enthusiasts across the nation, and nothing suggests that the progress will slow anytime soon.

There are hundreds of millions of dollars there. Investors who find the cannabis industry attractive invest a pot of money into cannabis businesses. Scientists who believe in the bright future of weed work hard to unlock marijuana's secrets. Software developers and engineers who see it as a boundless field of opportunities excel to create breakthrough products for a rapidly growing industry. Botanists without whom there would be no cannabis industry are obsessed with the idea to maximize plant yield and potency by using plenty of different technologies and gadgets.

And if a few decades ago, cannabis was associated with violence and madness, and weed shopping could be a reason to worry about losing your children, today, a vaporizer can be a matter of pride and status. Every self-respecting stoner has WeedMaps on his smartphone, has an account on Leafly, and keeps up with all significant cannabis tech innovations even more attentively than with Apple launching its umpteenth iPhone.

If you are a weed enthusiast who is looking for an idea for a startup, here are some products that must be developed as fast as possible.

420 Friendly Radar

What can be better for a stoner than to meet another stoner friend?

420 Friendly Radar is the simple technology that uses proximity awareness to test the trace amount of THC in the people around you within a defined radius. When a cannalover is close to the user, the tracking app sends a signal to the smartphone with the message “hot stoners are in the area” along with a rating on how “marijuana-friendly” they are.

There is no more need to worry when meeting a new person that they could be one of those crazy, aggressive marijuana opponents or those who compose weird codewords in order not to get busted. With a 420 Friendly Radar, you will not miss a “dude” and will recognize poseurs and narcs.


In the few unfriendly to marijuana states, marijuana salesmen, “pushers,” peddle their goods to the familiar clients “vipers,” in public places, so they need to use slang and colloquial terms most newbies are unfamiliar with. The etiquette between the “pusher” and the “viper” is an integral part of the deal.

Thanks to Cannapreneur, you will be a real connoisseur of the street weed culture with no need to learn all the vocabulary of the marijuana slang terms and phrases. This device will be able to synthesize normal speech and translate it to every regional dialect of the drug slang within a few seconds and vice versa. Depending on your location and the type of product you need, Cannapreneur will pick out the right words for you in order to make the buying process fast and enjoyable for both sides of the deal.

RedEye Corrector

We wonder why no one has brought this awesome idea into life yet. The perspective to have a technology that could eliminate the most common physical symptom of getting high—dry and red eyes—right in your smartphone looks attractive to every stoner.

The RedEye Corrector is a retina altering technology built into a smartphone that sends a series of microscopic red-eye-reducing particles from the lens of the camera right into the user's eyes and eliminates any trace of ocular marijuana inebriation. All you need is to open the RedEye Corrector app in your gadget and look directly into the camera.

The technology will be your endless “reserve” of the emergency stash of Visine in your pocket. Of course, there are many ways to get rid of the nasty marijuana effect, like to use eyedrops, eat chocolate, or drink a few cups of coffee, but nothing can be compared to this harmless and fast-acting redness relief remedy.

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