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The Biggest Question About AVB: Can You Smoke Vaped Weed?

Vaping cannabis is known to be better for your health than smoking it. When you vape weed, no actual combustion happens; this is why vapor is significantly cleaner than smoke from a joint or a pipe. In the absence of fire, your vaporized weed does not turn to ash. This begs the question of whether it is possible to reuse it somehow. Or maybe the best thing you can do is throw it away? We at MJWellness will try to help you find the answer.

4 Reasons Vaporizing Is Better Than Smoking
4 Reasons Vaporizing Is Better Than Smoking
Vaporizers are usually more expensive than bongs or pipes, but there are a lot of reasons why many people decide to switch.

What does ABV mean?

There are two common abbreviations for vaped marijuana: ABV and ABV. The ABV meaning is pretty simple: already been vaped. As for the AVB, it means “already vaped buds.”

Some marijuana users believe that ABV marijuana is trash and that there is no way you can use it to get high again. Fortunately, this is not entirely true. Of course, the level of THC in the AVB is much lower than in non-vaped cannabis. But there is still enough THC for you to use.

The main thing you need to understand is that the amount of THC that remains in ABV marijuana depends on the temperature at which you vape it. The lower the temperature, the more THC will be left in your vaped weed.

One way to get decent high from your buds while keeping them reusable is to vape marijuana at 350-375 °F. Remember to watch the color of your buds: once they turn black and become crispy, they are used up, and there is nothing good left in them. You can only use your vaped buds for the second time if they are brown.

Can you smoke vaped marijuana?

In theory, yes, you can smoke ABV marijuana. Will it get you high? This is uncertain. Since you have already vaped most of your weed's THC content, the remainder probably wouldn’t give you the same level of high as fresh buds. The taste and aroma are not as good, too. And, with less moisture in it, vaped cannabis will burn faster.

Also, there is the question of contradicting goals: the main reason people choose a vaporizer over a joint is that the latter is believed to be more harmful to one's health. So, there is no point in smoking vaporized weed.

How else can you use AVB?

ABV marijuana is perfect for making cannabis-infused edibles. Since marijuana was already heated inside a vaporizer, and all the cannabinoids in it were activated, there is no need to decarb marijuana before starting to cook.

Do You Really Need to Decarb Weed?
Do You Really Need to Decarb Weed?
There are many ways you can medicate with the help of cannabis: you can smoke it, vape it, or even eat it. In the first two cases, marijuana is decarboxylated naturally. But for those who want to enjoy the effects of marijuana-infused edibles, cannabis decarboxylation is a necessary step.

Vaped marijuana could contain approximately 20 to 30 percent of the THC it had before you vaped it. It means that there is still enough THC to make pretty good edibles. But since the level of THC is lower than in fresh buds, you will have to take at least twice as much marijuana as you would usually take for making weed-infused edibles. Or you can use the regular amount of weed and create less potent treats.

You can also add ABV marijuana to butter and get a perfect cannabutter. Just make sure to use butter with a high fat content, so that all the cannabinoids left in your ABV buds will bind better with the butter. And just like with adding marijuana straight to the edibles you make, the more vaped weed you add to the butter, the more potent it will be.

Also, remember to be careful with the edibles. In contrast to smoking or vaping, it may take you from 30 minutes to a few hours to feel the full effect of the weed-infused edibles. So, consume responsibly, and you will enjoy your marijuana experience every day.

Consume Responsibly: 4 Tips for Finding Right Dose of Weed Edibles
Consume Responsibly: 4 Tips for Finding Right Dose of Weed Edibles
Some people may think that marijuana edibles were created rather for the recreational cannabis users who consume weed to get high and have some fun than for those who use the plant as a medication.
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