Sep 11, 2016 9:10 AM

Teens Are Less Drawn to Marijuana Than Their Parents

Though many parents around the world worry that their children might use marijuana after its legalization, the latest survey shows that middle-aged people are more inclined to use marijuana products than teenagers.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recently published their summary of the U.S. survey on drug use among citizens in 2002-2014. The survey findings reveal that among teenage citizens aged 12-17, only 7.4% of them regularly consumed marijuana in 2014, which is 10% less than in the first year of the survey. In contrast, middle-aged weed users accounted for 8% of all respondents aged 35-44 years old.

Colorado Survey Finds No Increase of Cannabis Use Among Teens
Colorado Survey Finds No Increase of Cannabis Use Among Teens
​After analyzing the latest survey results, Colorado researchers have concluded that cannabis use among the state's teenagers remains flat.

Researchers noticed a dramatic increase in the number of past-month cannabis users over the last 13 years, as an increasing number of people aged 26 years and over steadily become marijuana users in America. Moreover, older people have been increasingly changing their attitude toward the herb during the reported period and showed a substantial increase in marijuana use.

In case these trends continue, 50-60-years-old Americans will soon become more regular users of marijuana than teens, which seemed impossible before.

But what factors have led to this unbelievable shift in cannabis usage trends?

Though several factors are playing their roles, marijuana legalization in American states allegedly changed Baby Boomers' attitude to cannabis. In contrast, teens have a tendency to oppose the mainstream culture, that is why weed simply lost its appeal to them after the legalization.

What Are the Effects of Weed, or How to Find Out Your Children Are Smoking Pot?
What Are the Effects of Weed, or How to Find Out Your Children Are Smoking Pot?
Bad advice: Always monitor your children's eating habits. If your kid is smoking pot, they will start eating more because marijuana is a great appetite stimulant.

Another reason for the shift in pot usage patterns is that more patients began to substitute traditional medications with medical marijuana after the herb was legalized in half of American states.

Also, a cannabis-related study has recently revealed that physicians are prescribing fewer opioids to their patients in medical cannabis states. Taking into account the high rates of overdose fatalities after using opioid painkillers, this is a positive cultural shift.

The mentioned studies also show that after marijuana legalization in a given state, both the middle-aged and older groups of residents become more inclined to use weed for medical purposes.

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