Aug 22, 2016 9:35 AM

Study Shows Cannabis Works as Appetite Stimulant

The “munchies” effect of cannabis is well-known. However, until recently, it had been unclear what exactly (and how) induced appetite. A new study found that the cannabis compound Cannabigerol (CBG) is the one that makes you feel like eating everything in your fridge. And that can be a real lifesaver for those who suffer from extreme weight loss.

It is amazing how many wonders cannabis can do for people who are looking for alternatives to usual pharmaceutical treatments that often provide toxic side effects. And now, yet another compound has proven its power to be helpful in desperate situations.

Cannabigerol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that induces many positive effects on the human health: CBG reduces inflammation, inhibits bacterial growth, and, together with CBD and THC, can also inhibit the growth of cancer cells. And now, CBG has shown itself as an effective appetite stimulant. Before that, it was known that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) could also stimulate appetite; however, this compound is not always appropriate for treatment due to its psychoactive effect. CBG, in its turn, does not show any side effects (at least so far), which makes it a strong rival to the existing medical drugs.

The study published by the U.S. National Institute of Health was conducted at Berkshire’s University of Reading. The research was done on rats. The test showed that 120-240 mg/kg of CBG could increase the number of meals the rodent consumed and double the total food intake. It is the first time it is scientifically shown that CBG can elicit hyperphagia without negative neuromotor side effects.

That means that further studies can help include this component in the treatment for health-related weight loss issues such as cachexia and some other eating and body weight disorders.

It seems that despite the decision of the DEA to keep cannabis on the Schedule I list, weed continues to prove to have vast medical benefits that nobody even expected.

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