Apr 18, 2016 4:40 PM

Smoking Weed and Working Out: Is Marijuana Good For Exercising?

Marijuana becomes more popular every day, so it is no surprise that people are increasingly interested in how it affects their wellness. One of the more frequently asked questions here is probably the one about smoking weed and working out. Can these two things be combined and is this combination good for your health? Let us share with you some interesting knowledge that will provide answers to your questions.

Since marijuana can easily reduce pain, relieve you from nausea and make you feel uplifted, it is no wonder that it has become so popular among amateur and professional athletes. First of all, cannabis makes it easier to train for several hours straight. Secondly, you can always choose to use marijuana in the way that does not harm your lungs, like eating weed-infused energy bars and other edibles, or vaping.

Many professional athletes use cannabis or its isolated active ingredients, THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), to enhance their performance. However, while there are many sportspeople, who say that using marijuana eases anxiety and decreases pain, there are some who admit that smoking weed can be slightly motivation-sapping. Now, let us get to the bottom of the issue and find out, if marijuana is good for you health.

How Does Our Body React on Cannabis?

It takes 3-8 minutes after you inhale for cannabinoid concentration in your blood to reach significant levels. If you eat some weed-infused edibles, this process will take more time—up to 60-90 minutes. THC and CBN (cannabinol) bind specific receptors (CB1 and CB2 respectively) and affect our body and mind. They relieve pain and stress, make us hungry, impact our immune system and hormonal secretion.

Working Out May Make You High

When we consume marijuana, some of its THC contents is stored in our fat. While this fact is not new, it provided an impetus for a new study. According to it, the in-fat THC storage can kick start the exercises, even the person in question used marijuana as far back as 28 days ago. The thing is, when you start to work out, your fat begins to burn off. While there is a THC storage in your fat, small amounts of it get back into the bloodstream. The effect is analogues to using a small amount of cannabis. The research has also found a correlation between THC release and body mass index (BMI). The higher the BMI, the more THC is released.

Working Out Make You High the Same Way Pot Does

It is hard to overestimate the value of sports and exercising. Working out is great to keep fit and prevent many serious illnesses. Exercising encourages new brain cells creation and relieves us from stress. But why does it make us feel excited? Endorphins? Not exactly. In 2003, scientists found that our endocannabinoid system is activated in largely the same way in response to cannabis or exercises.

Cannabis Helps Lose Weight

Regular exercising makes us look and feel good. However, not burning calories is not the only factor that impacts weight loss. Insulin, for instance, is one of the most important hormones for weight control. Insulin tells our cells to take in the sugar and use it for energy. All the unused sugar in your cells will make you gain extra pounds. But sometimes our body just does not handle insulin properly, and that makes us gain weight. The new study found that cannabis users have lower rates of obesity and diabetes mellitus than the general population. Marijuana consumers have lower fasting insulin levels, which suggests that cannabis has a positive effect on human metabolism.

Overall, if you want to exercise and lose some weight, but don’t want to stop cannabis use, you can combine these two things. Consume responsibly and stay healthy!

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