Aug 3, 2016 9:25 AM

Smoking Cannabis May Lead to Muscle Twitching

Weed smokers sometimes complain of feeling muscle twitching or “the shakes” when they are high. If you have been scared after experiencing these uncontrollable tremors, here you will find the answer to the question whether marijuana is the reason for this condition and what you should do when you get the shakes.

Though no scientific studies have been conducted in this respect yet, there are plenty of anecdotal reports of cannabis smokers experiencing uncontrollable muscle tremors while high.

Marijuana users often report that being high they had the involuntary shakes in their body that caused annoying feelings and sometimes scared them. Muscle twitching usually stops in a while, but the frightened smokers ask for advice on how to avoid these negative feelings. Some stoners suggest trying another strain of cannabis, while others advise to take a bath before or while smoking in order to relax the tight muscles.

Though not every weed smoker experiences this, in most cases, it is a sign that you have overdosed your body with THC. Fortunately, marijuana is not toxic, and excessive use of cannabis will not lead to serious damage. However, smoking weed more that you need may lead to some strange short-term downsides in some consumers, and tremor is one of them. Thus, do not panic, if you feel muscle twitching: it often ends in a quarter or half an hour.

What Can Cause Muscle Tremors?

Cannabis scientists have not carried out any studies on the reasons for these tremors yet, but some educated suggestions can be made regarding this matter.

First of all, muscle twitching is often related to anxiety. Some smokers with a low tolerance to cannabis may experience anxiety while smoking strains with a high THC content. THC in high amounts can stimulate their central nervous system too much causing uncontrollable muscle tremors.

Moreover, THC raises dopamine that also may cause tremors if your dopamine level is low. Dopamine is involved in many brain functions, and its decrease usually results in depression or lack of motivation. Smoking cannabis, you boost your dopamine level and feel uplifted and energized.

Does Weed Help With Anxiety? Top Ten Strains to Relieve Symptoms
Does Weed Help With Anxiety? Top Ten Strains to Relieve Symptoms
The relationship between medical marijuana and anxiety is not simple. Some people may feel stress, worries, and tension going away already after the first puff, while others experience worsening of the anxious state and may even have panic attacks.

However, a 2014 study discovered that high THC exposure might eventually depress the brain's function to generate dopamine. It is likely that excessive use of cannabis in a short period of time may lead to imbalances in the dopamine signaling system.

In contrast, medical marijuana is also well-known for its anti-tremor effect that relaxes muscles and reduces tremors in people suffering from multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease. As for the shakes induced by cannabis, they are temporary and end quickly. Besides, there may be some other factors necessary to consider.

What Factors Can Lead to Twitching?

There are some situations that can potentially lead to experiencing muscle twitching. You may be a little bit nervous when you smoke cannabis with some new people. After you get a high THC dose, your social anxiety level will be increased, and there is a good chance you might have muscle tremors.

Moreover, the shakes can also be stimulated when you mix marijuana with coffee or tobacco. Both substances also induce the work of the central nervous system. When your nervous system is overstimulated, you will most probably have such side effects as the uncontrollable shakes.

Keep in mind that cold weather or feeling chilly may also lead to tremors, as marijuana lowers your body temperature. Thus, you will not keep warm by smoking cannabis; instead, you might begin to tremble if you were already chilled.

What Happens to You When You Smoke Mix of Weed and Tobacco?
What Happens to You When You Smoke Mix of Weed and Tobacco?
Some users are sure that smoking a spliff or a blunt, a joint with marijuana and tobacco, provides a super-euphoric effect and makes you feel better than ever. Others insist that the aftereffect of such a mix may undo all the positive effects and make you feel miserable afterwards.

What Should You Do If You Get Tremors?

If you feel shaky after smoking a pipe with your favorite strain, there are simple things that will help you ease your condition.

  • Stand up and move your body
  • Warm up with a hot shower, bath, or warm clothes
  • Smoke a little of a CBD strain in order to relieve THC side effects
  • Go outside to get some fresh air
  • Change your environment for a more comfortable one
  • If you do not want to experience the shakes next time, begin with indica or high-CBD strains

Can CBD Counteract Anxiety Caused by THC?
Can CBD Counteract Anxiety Caused by THC?
Many cannabis users are wondering whether CBD can neutralize the side effects of consuming of too much THC (such as anxiety or paranoia). The answer is yes, it can, but there are still some factors that may influence your body’s response to CBD.

Muscle tremors might be a little bit frightening when you have them for the first time, but there is no need to worry about it. The shakes will go away in a short time. If you want to avoid the shakes, experiment with marijuana in a comfortable environment and do not mix it with other stimulants.

Have you ever got muscle twitching while being high? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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