Sep 20, 2016 9:20 AM

Six People Poisoned After Eating Weed Cake in Germany

This weekend, local emergency services in northern Germany received a number of calls from people who experienced vomiting and nausea after eating a chocolate cake infused with cannabis oil. Now, the German police are investigating whether the baker intentionally broke the local drug legislation, Deutsche Welle reports.

A group of locals felt sickish after their common friend served them a chocolate cake he baked himself.

According to the police, he had also eaten a slice of cake and could not answer their questions due to vomiting.

Half a dozen locals aged from 23 to 56 had to see a doctor after tasting the marijuana-infused cake. While a couple aged over 50 was delivered to the local hospital with nausea, two women had problems during a walk and were also taken to a clinic.

Though the 42-year-old baker had admittedly added just a few drops of weed oil to the traditional cake components, his friends told the police that they knew nothing about that.

Currently, the police are investigating whether the baker should be subject to charges for health harm and drug law violation. In addition, they also recovered the remaining pieces of the marijuana cake as proof.

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