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Sex and Microdosing Cannabis

The idea of consuming cannabis in small doses is becoming more and more popular these days. You can find information about the main aspects that lie at the basis of this concept in one of our recent articles. The purpose of microdosing is to use cannabis for the health benefits and not the psychoactive side effects. Moreover, some experts insist that microdosing can also improve your sex life.

Why use it

It is well known that cannabis can sharpen all your senses: smell, taste, touch. A study conducted back in 1984 found that consuming marijuana could significantly increase libido. However, it works only if you use the herb wisely.

Some people claim that mixing sex and cannabis can provide you with some of the best experiences in your life. At the same time, there are people who can tell you about the absolutely opposite effect—when the high feeling ruins all expectations.

Study Review: Cannabis and Sexual Dysfunction
Study Review: Cannabis and Sexual Dysfunction
​Thousands of patients are already using cannabis to treat various conditions, such as chronic pain, cancer, depression, and sleep disorders. But the herb is now hitting a new sphere in the pharmaceutical industry: sexual dysfunction. According to Business Insider, scientists from Italy and the Czech Republic have recently started research on the aphrodisiac properties of cannabis. Although there is a long way to creating a new “magic pill,” the study seems to be quite promising.

A study published in 2009 claims that the herb helps people feel more emotional, relaxed, and euphoric, and those are exactly the sensations you want to get in your bedroom. At the same time, weed can cause a special effect that helps you enjoy even a short period of time for longer. Cannabis is known for its ability to change the perception of time, and when it comes to sex, this effect seems to be the most beneficial.

Microdosing can allow you to get only the best from consuming cannabis and leave all the undesirable side effects behind. In fact, the American Academy of Neurology found out that the more cannabis you consume, the less pleasure you get. And when it comes to sex, pleasure means everything. After all, finding yourself couch-locked, anxious, or zoned out is definitely not what you want during this process. Taking small doses of cannabis can let you avoid these problems.

When to use it

There are different reasons why you may want to start microdosing, but some of the most common scenarios for this are the following.

  • You have a tendency towards anxiety. THC in high doses can lead to anxiety, and sometimes even to panic attacks or paranoia. These are definitely not the effects you want to get while having sex. Low doses help you minimize these side effects.

10 Best Cannabis Products for Ladies
10 Best Cannabis Products for Ladies
Every lady wants to stay young and have an astonishing look at every age. The cannabis industry offers a great variety of care agents for all kinds of skin and hair. Although there are no significant differences between cosmetics for men and women, there are still some products that suit ladies better.
  • You have a low tolerance to marijuana. It is especially essential for new users. Starting low is the best way to get only the desired effect. Once you exceed the limit, it is impossible to dial it back.
  • Too much cannabis makes you experience couch-lock or zoning out. Of course, these effects do not go well with sex. Not all strains cause such reactions, but even if a particular one does, a small dose of it may promote intimacy and make you cuddly and sweet.
  • You are parents and do not have time for being high. Most parents, especially if they have small kids, do not have the time to enjoy all of the effects of cannabis. It is hard for them to simply find several minutes for intimacy with each other. However, it is not the reason to forget about your sex life. Microdosing cannabis can create sparks in your relationship, giving you an opportunity to enjoy every moment with your partner, no matter how much time you can scrape for it.

Sexual Effects of Marijuana and Alcohol on Adults
Sexual Effects of Marijuana and Alcohol on Adults
Since marijuana is almost mainstream right now, the scientists are trying to pay attention to every aspect of its use. Recently, the researchers from the New York University's Center for Drug Use and HIV Research have published a new study on sexual experiences related to the use of alcohol and marijuana.

As you can see, the situations when you need microdosing cannabis are numerous. You can even try it for getting a new experience, for no particular reason. After all, bringing something new into your sex life is always a good thing.

How to use it

The main idea of microdosing is to consume cannabis in such little amounts that you do not notice any psychoactive effects, or they are so imperceptible that they do not interfere with you enjoying the benefits of consumption.

How big, or we had better say, how small should the dose be? Of course, it is a very individual thing, but staying under 5 mg is a common practice in microdosing. Many even suggest sticking to 2.5 mg. Such an amount will allow you to avoid the buzz even if you have a low tolerance.

If you have never tried microdosing before, you need to understand that this practice will not put you in the same mood as regular cannabis consumption. Instead, you will experience subtle relaxation and the heightening of your senses, which will let you feel pleasure, connection, and satisfaction on a maximum level.

Make Every Experience Perfect With Cannabis
Make Every Experience Perfect With Cannabis
For those who have been using cannabis for a long time, life may often seem bleak without it. And it is not surprising! This plant is so unique yet versatile that it offers countless possibilities. The right choice of the method of consumption and strain can make any experience perfect. Here are some pairings that you can use every day.

As for the ways of consuming, the best will probably be smoking and vaping. Applying microdosing in dabbing can be a bit complicated due to the high level of THC in concentrates, unless you use the amount about the size of the head of a pin.

Edibles can also be a good option if you manage to find those with little doses of THC. Some companies are already following the new trend and offering items specially made for microdosing. Just make sure that you buy products from a reputable company that conducts laboratory tests on their goods.

Another great option is oil tinctures. In California, you can find some products that are made specially for intimate settings and fit into the microdosing practice perfectly. Just a few drops can intensify all of your senses and make your experience deeper and brighter.

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