Apr 22, 2016 8:00 AM

Second Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Worcester, MA

The city of Worcester, Massachusetts, agreed to allow to open its second medical marijuana dispensary at 0 Pullman St. Hopefully, this will make the access to medical marihuana health benefits easier for the city's residents.

The new dispensary belongs Prime Wellness Centers network. It will be a competitor to the previously approved dispensary Good Chemistry of Massachusetts, located at 9 Harrison St.

On April 6, Edward M. Augustus, the city manager of Worcester, presented a letter of non-opposition regarding the opening of a new dispensary.

According to the terms of the agreement between the city and Prime Wellness Centers, the city will get $100,000 along with a 1.5 percent cut of the gross revenue of the dispensary during its first year. In the second year, the payment will increase to $150,000, and 2 percent of sales revenue. In the third year and after that the dispensary agreed to pay $200,000 plus 2.5 percent of gross sales revenue.

Prime Wellness Centers also agreed to annually contribute $10,000 to charities of its choosing or to other causes that help the neighborhood. This way, the resident of the city will get an influx of funds to the city's budget along with marijuana medical benefits.

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