Mar 21, 2017 12:10 PM

Rectal Weed Suppositories Found to Deliver Cannabis More Effectively

Most medical marijuana patients enjoy smoking, vaping, or consuming cannabis edibles. However, all of these delivery methods may not be suitable for treating certain kinds of ailments. The Canadian cannabis industry has recently begun to offer a new way of using weed—in the form of rectal suppositories. Although this method remains unpopular, the country’s health professionals believe it will soon fill an important void for some patients.

Most Canadians admit to using weed at one time or another. The majority of medical marijuana patients use cannabis oil since cannabis edibles are still outlawed under the Health Canada rules. Few dispensaries are now offering edibles to their customers due to the high risk of being raided and even shut down.

Without access to edibles, many patients have limited options when it comes to choosing a method of cannabis delivery. Some of them smoke marijuana, but many scientists warn that combusting marijuana may be even more harmful to lungs than tobacco since a weed joint usually involves deeper inhalation, longer breath holding, and larger puffs.

Although cannabis suppositories have not yet become popular among users, mostly because of the uncomfortableness of this method of consumption, Canadian doctors assure their benefits significantly outweigh the discomfort.

Cannabis suppositories will not get you high, as it usually happens with edibles and smoking. Furthermore, with this kind of consumption, marijuana will definitely be absorbed much faster.

The rectal method of administration is beneficial because of its ability to absorb high volumes at once. Suppositories can become a perfect solution for those patients who require immediate relief using high doses of cannabis. It can also be extremely useful for those who do not want to experience the psychedelic effects of marijuana.

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