Mar 28, 2017 12:05 PM

Oxford University to Invest Millions in Development of New Cannabis Treatment

Oxford University has recently announced the launch of a $12 million research project on the medicinal properties of cannabis. A group of scientists will study the benefits of cannabinoids and try to create new marijuana-based treatments for a number of ailments, including cancer, inflammation, and chronic pain.

The number of cannabis supporters in the UK is steadily growing. Some authorities are also calling for the change of the plant’s status so that it can be used as a treatment for anxiety and chronic pain. Although there is still some opposition to the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana, extensive cannabis studieOxfords can easily change the public opinion. The more people support the issue, the sooner it will be discussed at the government level.

University of Canberra Will Trial Medical Marijuana in Treatment of Melanoma
University of Canberra Will Trial Medical Marijuana in Treatment of Melanoma
Australian scientists are going to work out a new cannabis-based medicine for skin cancer, with clinical trials to begin in the ACT in 2017.

The new cannabis program of Oxford University has a huge potential. The results of the study can promote the creation of innovative cannabis therapies developed to improve the quality of life of thousands of patients. The scientists would be able to conduct deep research on the molecular, cellular, and system mechanisms of cannabinoids, according to Oxford University.

Sir Patrick Stewart has recently made a statement revealing his advocacy for the legalization of medical cannabis in the UK, and it is forcing the authorities to start taking the problem seriously. He supports the new Oxford’s program since he is a user of medicinal cannabis himself—the actor uses it for his arthritis.

Stewart began to legally use weed sprays and ointments about two years ago in Los Angeles. Cannabis-based products significantly reduced the pain and stiffness in his hands and provided no negative side effects. He believes the new program will help millions of people and make their lives easier and much healthier.

Sir Patrick Stewart Uses Cannabis Spray for Treating Pain
Sir Patrick Stewart Uses Cannabis Spray for Treating Pain
A famous English actor Sir Patrick Stewart told a journalist from Esquire UK that he used a cannabis spray for treating pain associated with his hands.

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