Mar 30, 2017 12:10 PM

Ohio to Offer Weed Classes at Cleveland Cannabis College

Ohio, along with several other states, legalized medicinal cannabis in 2016. The industry is now rapidly growing, offering more and more goods and services, expanding job opportunities, and creating new marijuana businesses. Since Ohio requires plenty of experts in various weed-related fields, the Cleveland Cannabis College will start new cannabis classes to prepare qualified industry professionals.

As Ohio’s authorities are making medical marijuana a priority for consumers, many businessmen are beginning to focus on this sphere.

Richard Pine, CEO of the Cleveland Cannabis College, opened his establishment to create experts for Ohio’s new industry by offering classes in cannabis law, history, and horticulture. One of the main goals of Cleveland Cannabis College is to share scientific facts on medicinal marijuana with Ohioans. According to Richard Pine, the plant should be treated like a medicine; moreover, there should be a certain place for doctors to learn about it. Furthermore, students who are now studying weed-related subjects in Ohio have a great potential since the state’s legislation on cannabis is still incomplete.

Cleveland Cannabis College finished planning its curriculum in December and started the classes at the end of January. The students are enrolled on a rolling basis. There are several introductory classes that lead to more specified degrees like business and horticulture.

Cleveland Cannabis College is currently developing programs to provide its students with a hands-on experience through work internships.

The education in Cleveland Cannabis College will not be cheap. Tuition fees vary from $1,000 per class to $5,200 for the full program of 135 hours. However, the college guarantees job placement in the weed industry within six months of graduation.

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