Mar 23, 2017 12:10 PM

Oakland Company Donates Cannabis Oil to Cancer Patients

Jetty Extracts is an Oakland-based vape oil producer that is carrying out a social project aimed to provide cancer patients with high-CBD cannabis oil at no cost. Matt Lee, the company founder, thinks that marijuana should be accessible to people who suffer from the results of cancer treatment.

The idea of the Shelter Project came to Lee during his vacation in Costa Rica two years ago. He made a business plan in one day and began to implement it upon his return to the States.

The program started with Lee and his friends with whom he shared cannabis oil for the treatment of various diseases. Lee realized that Jetty Extracts was one in five marijuana companies in the state or the country who could provide free weed products.

Thanks to the manufacturing facilities of Jetty Extracts, Lee had the opportunity to give away cannabis oil. He thinks that it is a great thing to provide people with what they crucially need, just like others giving out money or clothes at no cost.

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The word-of-mouth marketing began to work when Lee cooperated with dispensaries to sell Jetty products under the slogan “One for You, One for Cancer.” The Shelter Project currently donates cannabis extracts to more than 400 cancer patients, and Lee wants the program to continue to spread.

The company tries not to allow anyone to take advantage of this social project, but sometimes they also meet ill-intentioned cannabis seekers. Thus, Lee hired a manager in order to keep everything under control.

Lindsey Freeman performs her duties perfectly. She knows cancer patients on a personal level and constantly contacts them. However, it is a hard job as sometimes the outcome of the disease may not be positive.

Freeman tries to understand the needs of cancer patients and react respectively. For instance, one of the Shelter Project's patients required cannabis oil in the form of a suppository. Thus, she requested the company to produce suppositories specifically for their cancer patients.

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Other challenges, like a specific CBD ratio for cancer treatment, inspired the program to cooperate with other dispensaries and producers. As a result, Harborside Health Center provided six pounds of high-CBD trim for free. Lee says that many companies welcome the opportunity to support the Shelter Project.

The program tries to support any cancer patient who seeks their help according to their individual needs. If someone wants to grow medical cannabis at home, they can offer used equipment from hydroponic stores, as well as professional advice on how to grow medical marijuana.

Cannabis oil helps cancer patients cope with insomnia and loss of appetite that often happen after chemotherapy. The program also advises patients on how to incorporate cannabis oil into their treatment plan.

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