Aug 20, 2016 9:50 AM

New Study Reveals That CBD Can Get You High

Marijuana plants are full of useful compounds, but average consumers pay attention to only two cannabinoids: cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The main difference between the two of them is that CBD does not provide users with such a mood-altering effect as THC does. However, a new cannabis-related study has revealed that cannabidiol can also get consumers high under particular conditions.

Is CBD Safe for Drug Tests?
Is CBD Safe for Drug Tests?
The question whether CBD comes up on a drug test is an important issue for all people who use medical marijuana because many companies do not support the use of marijuana among their employees.

Thanks to the difference in effect, CBD-rich cannabis oil is widely used in pediatrics for treating cancer, epilepsy, PTSD, inflammation, anxiety, and other severe conditions. Moreover, adults also prefer high-CBD products when they want to avoid a euphoric high.

However, a new study has shown that CBD also provides medical marijuana consumers with a high if their stomach has enough acid. John Merrick in cooperation with other scientists at Pace Analytical Services in Minnesota conducted a study investigating why kids sometimes become hypotensive and sleepy after taking CBD orally. Scientists based their investigation on a previous study that discovered CBD's ability to convert to THC under acid conditions.

CBD Oil Use in Pediatrics
CBD Oil Use in Pediatrics
Though today we all have heard about the health benefits of CBD and the component's potential in pediatrics. However, it was not always this way. When did we start studying this component of cannabis and its use in medicine?

During their study, researchers exposed CBD to a warm, acidic environment that simulated the conditions in the human digestive tract. The study results have shown that CBD can turn into a psychoactive cannabis component when it is introduced to artificial stomach fluid. After CBD had been put in the acid environment, a maximum amount of THC was measured between one and two hours. Children usually need 60-90 minutes to empty their gastric tract, so it seems natural that gastric acid produces large amounts of THC under normal conditions. Scientists have concluded that it is necessary to explore other methods of taking cannabis that would reduce CBD's ability to degrade into delta-8 and delta-9 THC.

Cannabis and Children: Marijuana in Pediatrics
Cannabis and Children: Marijuana in Pediatrics
Cannabis has proved to be an effective remedy for various diseases. However, most medical marijuana studies explore the issue of treating adults. There are only a few papers published on the effects of weed on children.

However, this study does not answer the question whether people will get a significant level of THC in their blood after ingesting CBD extracts. In addition, the study results are somewhat doubtful as the researchers were paid by the company that is promoting transdermal CBD. Thus, further studies are necessary to replicate and confirm the findings. Although some may worry that CBD might turn into the psychoactive THC, CBD remains a good alternative to conventional treatments that cannot ease the symptoms of debilitating conditions in children.

What Pediatric Diseases Can Be Treated With Marijuana?
What Pediatric Diseases Can Be Treated With Marijuana?
Marijuana health effects in adults have been studied for a long time now, but the use of cannabis in pediatrics is still a largely new territory.
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