Apr 25, 2016 8:20 AM

New Jersey Law May Allow Medical Marijuana Use for Menstrual Cramps

Back at the end of March, Whoopi Goldberg announced that she was planning to launch a medical marijuana company with the products that would relieve menstrual cramps. Now, New Jersey lawmakers are working on making this possible by loosening the state's law.

Whoopi & Maya

Whoopi Goldberg's idea was born during her experience of being a grandmother. The granddaughters of the actress have severe cramps, and as an experienced cannabis user, Goldberg knows how to treat this kind of pain without the help of traditional pharmaceutic medicine that can provide lots of undesired side effects.

The company Whoopi & Maya stands for Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth, the founder of Om Edibles. They are going to offer a number of products that will be initially available only in California for patients who have a medical weed card. But if the business goes well, they are planning to widen it to other states.

And to tell the truth, it seems like an incredible idea. The company will offer THC/CBD-infused raw sipping chocolate, topical rubs for localized pain, tinctures for serious discomfort, and what is really innovative, a THC-infused bath soak for profound relaxation. All the products are well-balanced and provide a nice relaxing feeling with no heavy high or sedative effect. This allows combining work at the office with using marijuana treatment.

“Smoking a joint is fine, but most people can’t smoke a joint and go to work,” says Goldberg. Instead, a woman can rub it on her back or lower abs and keep on working. Later, in the evening, she can take a bath, use the soak, make tea with tincture, and feel fine again.

The niche for new products

Before getting in touch with Maya Elisabeth, Goldberg talked to several experts in the marijuana industry to see whether there were any other similar products. They told her that no one made anything for menstrual cramps as this niche did not look attractive for the growers.

“Hey, this niche is half the population on the earth,” said Goldberg. She knew from her own experience that medical marijuana worked wonderfully for headache, so why not try to create something that can relieve menstrual cramps. Her own granddaughters suffered a lot from the pain during their periods, and Goldberg was sure they were not the only ones who faced that problem.

Changes in New Jersey

Last week, after the noise around Whoopi Goldberg and her company, Democratic Assembly decided to introduce a bill that would allow women to get medical marijuana for their monthly pain. They noted that their move was inspired by the actress' decision to offer women organic marijuana edibles in order to alleviate menstrual pain.

Tim Eustace (D) said that people in the U.S. still had a puritanical idea about dispensaries being a place for potheads. The reality is that the products in dispensaries are meant not only for pleasure but also for a medicinal purpose.

Angelica Jimenez (D) noted that many women suffered during their periods, their state could include vomiting and fainting, but doctors just offer them to deal with the situation or prescribe them medicine that is unable to alleviate their symptoms.

So far, New Jersey law allows using medical marijuana for a strict list of illnesses, which include muscular dystrophy, terminal cancer, multiple sclerosis, and some other health problems. The law also allows using medical marijuana as an alternative to traditional treatment for glaucoma and seizures. Every patient who needs to get a medical marijuana treatment should get a weed card and must be registered with the state.

Eustace added that New Jersey's dispensaries could provide only the smokable forms of medical marijuana—there are no edibles or liquid cannabis product available. That is why Goldberg and Elisabeth's product can be a great alternative to patients in the area.

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