Dec 20, 2016 12:10 PM

New Fund Can Help You Buy Unaffordable Medical Cannabis

A new fund located in Washington State will soon be able to provide aid for patients who require medical cannabis but can hardly afford it. Although there are plenty of state-run programs that are aimed to help with expensive prescription drugs, no such funds exist when it comes to medical marijuana recipients. The new fund is likely to be completely operational at the beginning of 2017.

The Washington CannaBusiness Association (WACA), a company that deals with regulated and licensed cannabis businesses, has recently announced that they are launching a new program to help low-income cannabis patients offset the expenses for medical marijuana. Although the herb has been already recognized as a legal form of medication, government-run welfare funds still do not provide any support for patients who struggle to afford their marijuana medication. WACA is going to fill that void and help patients purchase medical marijuana and other infused products.

WACA is still working out the details of the new fund due to the great number of restrictions concerning cannabis on the federal level. However, the organization’s executives believe the new fund will start working in spring 2017. All patients who have obtained a doctor’s recommendation for using cannabis will be eligible to apply for the aid.

Anyone can support the new fund. The detailed information for donations will soon appear at all marijuana retailers who belong to the WACA. The organization is also going to maintain a trustworthy business environment in a safe and fully regulated cannabis market.

WACA, as well as hundreds of other cannabis-related organizations, is aimed to change the perception of the medical marijuana community. Weed users have been considered criminals for decades; however, Americans are now beginning to understand the importance of medical cannabis and its amazing properties that can soon replace addictive prescription medication.

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