Dec 12, 2016 12:10 PM

Most Adult Consumers Use Cannabis as Treatment, Survey Finds

The recent findings of a new survey have completely shifted the popular image of a common cannabis user. According to them, most young and middle-aged adults consume the herb for staying healthy and active and not for getting stoned.

Market researchers at Miner & Co. Studio have recently conducted a survey among 800 Millennial and Gen X weed users in Colorado, California, and Washington state. They were very surprised to learn that nearly 90% of the surveyed people purchased marijuana with the purpose of self-care or treatment.

Men and Millennials Are Most Numerous Marijuana Consumers
Men and Millennials Are Most Numerous Marijuana Consumers
Although marijuana has already been legalized in 25 American states and D.C., women are more suspicious about buying legal cannabis than men. According to a recent report made by Headset, there are only 31.1% of women among marijuana consumers versus 68.9% of men.

The survey involved exclusively brand-aware consumers who bought weed in licensed dispensaries across the mentioned states. The participants were between 25 and 39 years old, and most of them were mindful people who cared about their health.

Those people are radically different from the ones that are usually portrayed in the media. Such movies as Fast Times at Ridgemont High or Dazed and Confused are showing a retrograde profile of a weed user, which does not actually reflect the current situation.

Around 84% of the surveyed consumers are employed full-time, and 65% of pot users earn more than $75,000 a year. In addition, 88% consider themselves part of the new marijuana culture, while 63% are married or live with their partner.

How Much Average Legal Consumer Spends on Weed Products
How Much Average Legal Consumer Spends on Weed Products
How much do you spend on weed products annually? What types of pot products do you prefer? How often do you visit your local dispensary? In order to find answers to these questions, Headset Inc. collected data from legal cannabis headshops in Washington and analyzed the sales numbers.

Moreover, nearly half of the respondents are parents with children under 18. This means that such consumers use marijuana in the mindful part of their lives, when they have families and career ambitions. The researchers explain that cannabis helps pot users unwind, relieve stress and tension, and stay focused and energized.

The survey shows that today's parents who consume weed teach their offsrpings that cannabis is not for kids. Moreover, they have a more unbiased and responsible attitude toward marijuana than the older generation.

As for political affiliation, cannabis users appeared to be in equal proportion. 49% of respondents identified themselves as Democrats, while 45% reported being Republicans. The researchers underlined that though politicians might have a strong position regarding marijuana, their constituents aged 25-39 were more tolerant to weed across the board.

American Marijuana Consumers to Be Surveyed by BDS Analytics
American Marijuana Consumers to Be Surveyed by BDS Analytics
BDS Analytics, a leading company in the cannabis market research, is carrying out the industry's first scientifically-based survey about marijuana consumption. This is the largest comprehensive research survey of cannabis users conducted nationwide. 1,000 marijuana consumers take part in the survey representing the demography of each U.S. state.

More than 90% of respondents prefer only branded products as cannabis quality and effectiveness are important to them. While making their choice, eight in ten consumers pay attention to the product packaging and report that the manufacturers should make it more unique and mindful so that it shows quality. However, six in ten pot users find celebrity association preferable in their choice of cannabis brands.

The survey also shows that it is now not enough for consumers that weed products are handled and packed responsibly; cannabis producers should also present their products as an integral part of a successful and healthy lifestyle.

Weed Decreases Frequency of Sickness Absence Among Employees
Weed Decreases Frequency of Sickness Absence Among Employees
Despite the myth that marijuana legalization might decrease users' workplace productivity, the journal Health Economics has recently published a study that reveals the opposite effect of medical marijuana on employees.
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