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Miraculous Marijuana Treatment

There are many stories on the Internet that describe miraculous cases of marijuana treatment. You have probably already heard many of them. However, let us look at people who became an inspiration for hundreds of patients around the country.

Charlotte Figi

Some time ago, the web was filled with articles highlighting the story of a small girl, Charlotte Figi, who was miraculously saved from everyday suffering by cannabis. The girl has a rare form of epilepsy—the Dravet syndrome. This condition is very severe and causes up to a hundred seizures every day. The Figi family was desperate to find the one treatment that would help their daughter the most. Unfortunately, conventional ways of treatment were ineffective.

The only thing that could help the girl was marijuana. The strain that the parents found for their daughter was rich in CBD and was later named Charlotte's Web. Every day, cannabis oil helps the girl live a normal life and keep seizures at bay.

York Hospital Makes Successful Medical Marijuana Studies on Children With Epilepsy
York Hospital Makes Successful Medical Marijuana Studies on Children With Epilepsy
According to the experiment at Wellspan Health in York County, Pennsylvania, medical marijuana can effectively alleviate seizures in children. This can turn to be one of the most successful studies on marijuana.

David Triplett

David Triplett is a famous man who cured his skin cancer with the help of cannabis. When the man was prescribed to use chemotherapy oil as a way of treatment, David chose to resort to a natural remedy. He started cannabis oil treatment that turned out to be successful for him.

David had already had two surgeries to remove the lesions, but only medical marijuana oil helped the man keep the illness away. Triplett's self-made video still circulates the Internet and inspires more and more patients.

Israeli Study Discovers Anti-Cancer Potential in Cannabis
Israeli Study Discovers Anti-Cancer Potential in Cannabis
​The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa recently presented the preliminary results of an early phase of cannabis research that analyzed the influence of marijuana on 200 types of different cancer cells.

Shona Banda

Another example of the miraculous effects of cannabis on our bodies can be seen in the case of Shona Banda. The woman had Crohn's disease. After eight years of suffering, Shona was in a terrible condition. She was bedridden and could walk with a cane at best. However, Shona decided to hold ground and look for the cure.

The woman was inspired by the man who is also on our list of medical cannabis miracles—Rick Simpson. After reading his story and watching his videos, Shona turned to cannabis oil as well. Luckily, the woman's disease is now in remission.

Today, Shona lives a healthy life—after four years of isolation, the woman has a job again. Besides, she likes to swim and hike, and, most importantly, she can play with her kids. Shona's illness was a major test after which the woman even wrote a book called Live Free or Die.

Medical Uses of Cannabis: Crohn's Disease
Medical Uses of Cannabis: Crohn's Disease
More and more patients suffering from Crohn's disease claim that medical marijuana products bring them the desired relief better than other medications.

Rick Simpson

We have already mentioned this man as an example for other people who suffer from terrible conditions. Rick Simpson is truly a great inspiration to everybody who is looking for an effective way of treatment that can be found in cannabis. However, the popular story of Rick Simpson starts with his own condition.

After being diagnosed with skin cancer, the man decided to experiment a little. Rick Simpson made an attempt to extract a high-CBD cannabis oil and use the substance to treat the disease. As a result, now we all know Rick Simpson Oil or simply RSO. The man applied his invention topically. Rick was covering the lesions on his face in oil and leaving it for several days. The result was amazing—clean pink skin under the coverage. His skin cancer was cleared up.

Cannabis Oil Cancer Research Shows Benefits of Marijuana-Based Treatment
Cannabis Oil Cancer Research Shows Benefits of Marijuana-Based Treatment
Numerous studies show that hemp oil may be beneficial for cancer patients: it gives them a temporary pain relief, helps reduce nausea and anxiety. Still, we need more cannabis oil cancer research in order to get unquestionable evidence of marijuana's efficiency.

The best decision in his life was making the story public and, thus, popularizing RSO. Today, hundreds of people with severe conditions have the option to choose medical marijuana and save their lives.

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