May 2, 2016 8:30 AM

Medical Weed Events in May: Let's Talk About Medical Marijuana for Insomnia, Autism, Autoimmune Disorders

Most people have heard that you may use medical marijuana for insomnia, stress, or even severe pain. But is that really all that medical weed can help you with? Join one of the upcoming medical cannabis events and you will see.

Medical marijuana events are a crucial source of information for all the advocates, supporters, patients, and ordinary people who want to know more about the current options and future possibilities of using cannabis for medical purposes. MJWellness will tell you more about the medical cannabis events that you can attend this May.

IMPACT: Autoimmune Disorders & Cannabis

When: May 14, 2016

Where: Denver, Colorado

In May, the monthly IMPACT Network conference will be focused on the possible benefits and risks of using medical weed for autoimmune disorders. The meeting will gather cannabis experts, industry leaders, lawmakers and healthcare professionals, and ordinary patients to discuss the future of medical weed in the current healthcare system.

The major topics include the possibilities of using cannabis in the treatment of diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis. For more details or a live stream of the event visit its official Facebook page.

United in Compassion

When: May 14-15, 2016

Where: Sydney, Australia

Australians keep discovering the potential of medical cannabis. In May, a group called United in Compassion holds a symposium where medical cannabis advocates, caregivers, and patients will get a chance to meet their colleagues from all over the globe.

The key topic of the event is the creation of a regulated, efficient, secure and reliable medical cannabis scheme in Australia. Alice O'Leary-Randall, the director of American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA), will be among the guests and major speakers.

For more details, visit the official website of the community.

Medical Cannabis: The Science. The Truth

When: May 21-22, 2016

Where: San Rafael, CA

The United Patients Group holds a meeting meant to break the myths and share the truth about medical marijuana use. You can meet the leading experts in the field and listen to the best minds in the medical weed industry. A two-days conference will help you keep track of the latest news, initiatives, and innovations linked to medical cannabis.

To join the conference or get more information, visit the official website of the group.

AutismOne 2016

When: May 23-29, 2016

Where: Chicago, IL

Although autism is not on the list of conditions that qualify for medical weed, some parents find cannabis very helpful for their autistic kids. Those who want to find out whether medical cannabis can really be used for treating autism should consider attending the upcoming conference AutismOne 2016 organized by the activists from ACNA.

One of the major topics of the event will marijuana and the benefits it may give to autistic people, and especially kids.

For more details, visit ACNA'a official website.

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