May 10, 2016 8:25 AM

Medical Uses of Marijuana: Why Is Cannabis Better Than Alcohol?

While it seems that marijuana use and drinking alcohol have nothing in common, some people continue comparing these two things over and over again. That is why we decided to provide you with the main differences between alcohol and cannabis to ensure you that drawing a parallel between them is like mixing apples and oranges.


First of all, let us ask you to recall the last alcoholic you have seen. Were you pleased to talk to this person? What did you feel about him or her? We suppose that you felt nothing but the feeling of compassion. Marijuana users, however, do not seem to be wretched or unhappy. Even though a lot of cannabis users have to smoke pot because of their diseases, they are sensitive, kind, and positive individuals who have a successful career, a happy family, and different hobbies. While people use marijuana to relieve their pain or just to have fun, alcoholics usually think only about getting drunk and forget about their problems. Moreover, do not forget that cannabis devotees are harmless even when they get too high, while alcoholics usually turn into dangerous people who can hurt their loved ones both morally and physically.


Scientists have already proven that it is physically impossible to overdose on marijuana. Yes, you can consume too much and not feel very well, but that is all. What about alcohol overdosing? Such kinds of overdoses are rather common and widespread, actually.


Let us be honest, cannabis can ease your pain and is scientifically proven to be a necessary treatment for a wide range of diseases. Marijuana does not interfere with bodybuilding, fitness, and can be even used by professional athletes. Alcohol, however, is not consonant with leading a healthy way of life. Moreover, heavy alcohol drinkers usually suffer from liver cirrhosis, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, emphysema, and heart disease.

Hurting Other People

As we have already mentioned, alcohol abuse makes people rude and even cruel. They can easily get angry and take it out on other people. Marijuana devotees stay positive and happy even when they get too high. They can get a little stupid and funny but not violent.


Yes, cannabis users may also suffer from a hangover. However, it is not comparable to an alcohol hangover. You may feel a little bit dehydrated, dry-eyed, and foggy. Cannabis hangovers are rather rare and usually happen if you use some non-tested or not clean weed. Alcohol hangovers happen more often, though—with headaches, nausea, and bad mood guaranteed.


Driving high is not safe, but driving drunk is potentially lethal. Moreover, recent scientific studies have shown that there a lot of individuals who drive even more carefully when they are stoned. Some of them even do not go over the speed limit and, of course, the majority of pot smokers do not cross the double solid line.

Peace and Social Changes

While marijuana devotees are way too social and try to make the nation happier and kinder, alcohol fans drink themselves to death, fight, and kill. Pot smokers are looking forward to the social changes and advocate the idea of using cannabis as the way to repress anger and find your own voice.

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