May 15, 2016 10:25 AM

Marijuana to Make Life Better for Senior People

According to the statistics, the elderly in America use about 30 percent of all prescription drugs. That means that they might benefit from a more natural alternative to their medicine. Unfortunately, senior people are rather judgmental about cannabis due to a life-long exposure to the War on Drugs. However, today, the situation and people's perceptions begin to change.

There are some senior people who advocate the legalization of cannabis. Some elderly scientists study the plant. Among them is Dr. Igor Grant, who has a rare federal grant that allows studying the effects of smoking weed. His studies prove that the plant is helpful in alleviating certain kinds of pain.

Among senior advocates of cannabis is Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. Initially, the politician opposed the process of marijuana legalization in Colorado. Today, he claims that cannabinoids can be of use to people over 65.

Do you know The Weed Lady of California? It is Sue Taylor, a 68-year-old activist who advocates natural living and medical marijuana use. The woman visits community meetings in California and speaks to the elderly about the benefits of the plant. The activist herself eats weed edibles in the evening to reduce pain and to feel better.

Through the example of all these people, we can see that marijuana improves seniors' quality of life. They become more active, forget about depression, get rid of social isolation, and sometimes improve their health.

Conditions Treated With Cannabis

There is a number of conditions that can be treated with cannabis. Whether you are suffering from these conditions yourself or you have a loved one who could use some additional treatment options, pay close attention to the cannabis remedies.

The most widespread seniors' disease is arthritis. Cannabis is safer than the common opioid prescriptions. There are many ways to use cannabis to treat arthritic pain—you can apply lotions and tinctures to the place that troubles you and feel the pain gradually go away.

According to the statistics, seniors are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer. Using medical marijuana as a part of cancer treatment is a practice that becomes more and more popular every day. The plant is sometimes used even for pediatric cancers now. Cannabis derivatives are used to alleviate side effects of chemotherapy. According to some studies, cannabinoids can even kill tumor cells of breast, colon, lung, and cervix cancers in vitro.

Another way that medical marijuana can help the elderly is by influencing their sleep patterns. Nowadays, three out of five seniors have problems falling asleep. If you have any kind of sleep disorder, choose a heavy indica strain for your treatment and be sure to sleep soundly. Fibromyalgia, a sleep disorder characterized by chronic pain and insomnia can be treated with cannabis as well. A study conducted at the McGill University Health Centre in Canada shows that a synthetic cannabinoid can be considered a viable alternative to conventional treatments.

In time, our brain may start functioning worse than it used to. As we know, Alzheimer's disease is quite widespread among senior people. The condition is caused by the formation of amyloid plaques on the neural pathways of the brain. Since 2006 when the scientists at The Scripps Research Institute discovered that THC can reduce the speed of plaque buildup, numerous studies examined the influence of cannabinoids on the disease progression. Two years ago, another study of THC's effects on Alzheimer's disease was published. According to this study, the chemical can slow down or even halt the progress of the disease.

All in all, the benefits of medical marijuana are too obvious for the seniors to continue avoiding even the thought of using cannabis-related medicine.

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