May 31, 2016 9:15 AM

Marijuana for Back Pain: Which Strain to Choose?

Pain relief is one of the most common application for medical marijuana and, actually, one of the safest treatments, certain studies suggest.

Slight back pain, inflammation, muscle soreness, fibromyalgia, slipped disks, or severe surgery cramps—smoking a small amount of marijuana can help ease the nasty pain that follows musculoskeletal injuries. More and more doctors advise their patients to stop using harmful opioids while prescribing cannabidiol pills or certain strains of medical marijuana for back pain relief and other ailments.

Some people suffering back pain go to their doctors' offices or emergency rooms and are prescribed some types of opiate painkillers, which may lead to addiction and have serious side effects. Other patients, who are not getting enough relief from traditional medication and seeking for a safe and effective alternative, often turn to the cannabis plant.

The experts of the National Cancer Institute confirm that cannabis and cannabinoids have been studied in the labs and the clinic for relief of pain, as well as in numerous other studies and clinical tests. But not all cannabis strains are great painkillers: just as effects differ with prescription medication use, the chemical compounds contained in the plant may have varied effects upon each individual. So, let us figure out which medical marijuana strains provide the best pain relief for particular types of back ailments.

Sour Diesel

The cerebrally focused sativa strain Sour Diesel is probably the most popular marijuana strain among medical patients for its strong, long-lasting relief of medical symptoms and uplifting high. Sour Diesel will allow you to stay on your feet and be clear-minded throughout the day.

Sour Diesel does not provide couch-lock or heavy body feeling, which makes this strain perfect for starting your day. Intense back pain fades away in a long-lasting relief and is replaced by a light-headed sensation.

Researchers assert that cannabinoids are remarkably safe compounds: cannabis itself is not as toxic as other drugs used for pain management, like anti-inflammatory medication or opioids, and cannot cause death or major health disorders.

Because different patients have different symptoms and levels of tolerance, it is recommended to be extremely careful with the dose of the medication you consume.

White Widow

White Widow is a balanced hybrid (60 percent sativa, 40 percent indica), a cross between a resin-heavy South Indian Indica and a Brazilian Sativa Landrace. This strain is well-known for its fresh, sweet-tasting, slightly citrus smoke, energetic high, and powerful anti-inflammatory qualities. It also provides a mild sleepy effect, so you will never suffer insomnia.

Some prefer CBD-only cannabis product (pills, patches, or edibles). But if your goal is to avoid an unwanted buzz, then you should know that the best analgesic effect is provided by the strains that contain a variety of pain-relieving cannabinoids, including THC. In this sense, White Widow is one of the best choices for patients suffering back pain: this hybrid strain gives an amazing high putting your body to rest and keeping your mind free of the horrible pain.


Since the early 70's, when this strain was originally found, the Blueberry strain has kept its legendary status and remained very popular among both patients seeking for a potent analgesic and connoisseurs enjoying the taste and smell of the strain.

The fresh flavor of sweet blueberries combines with long-lasting pain-relieving effects and the pleasant sense of euphoria. Blueberry is a wonderfully resinous and potent indica-dominant strain that provides a euphoric experience.

Patients report a number of positive effects of marijuana, including improved sleep and help with their stress and anxiety, as well as reduction of discomfort. Small studies link cannabinoids to helping with chronic pain syndromes; however, the drug is not for everyone, and more research is needed.

OG Kush

When properly grown and dried, the pure indica OG Kush strain is neon green with orange-red stigmas. It is known for its potent relaxing effects that last for several hours.

Due to its resin-packed buds and lime-diesel flavor, OG Kush has a really legendary status. As a classic indica, it provides a deep, long-lasting high and helps with chronic pain and anxiety, eases depression, and stress. Two hours after smoking you will be extremely relaxed and feel carefree.

That is why OG Kush is a great strain for night time pain management.

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