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Marijuana for Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and Other Bone Diseases

Bone diseases are painful and debilitating. Every day, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis make the lives of thousands of people miserable. The first one affects our bones in such a way that they can break even after a small fall. The latter causes us to ache from every movement.

Luckily, the past several years of research show that cannabinoids have a great potential in protecting our bones from diseases and injuries. There are many ways in which cannabinoids can help our bones. Let us look at some of them.

Broken Bones

A study conducted last year shows that the non-psychoactive cannabis component cannabidiol can help in mending broken bones. According to the scientists, CBD enhances fracture healing. In fact, our bodies produce fracture callus, a material that connects the areas of the break thus creating a natural bridge. Cannabinoids trigger bone formation, which helps strengthen the said bridge.

Reducing Pain

While medical marijuana can enhance the healing of your bones and prevent the complications, the plant also helps deal with the pain that accompanies the injury. It is said that fracture pain can drive you crazy—so annoying and uncomfortable it is. It is a usual thing for doctors to prescribe you opioid-based painkillers. However, cannabinoids themselves have long been proven effective.

Besides, a study on the interaction of opioids and vaporized cannabis demonstrated that the use of both in tandem turned out to be more effective. The combination allows using opioids in smaller doses with fewer consequences.

Chronic pain

It is very common to feel pain in the area of the broken bone even after it has completely healed. Conventional treatment often lacks effectiveness in dealing with chronic pain. Cannabis, however, is considered the best option for long-term treatment of chronic pain.

How can medical marijuana help with ….CHRONIC PAIN?
How can medical marijuana help with ….CHRONIC PAIN?
Chronic pain is a pain that lasts longer than 3 to 6 months and doesn’t improve. Pain, which persists over a long period of time after the cause of it is removed, is also called chronic pain.


While we all know about the analgesic properties of cannabis, the plant has other useful effects as well. Anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis are a good ally to bone treatment.

Inflammation is an integral part of any kind of bone diseases. The area of a disturbed bone swells very fast. Small inflammation is a natural reaction of our body. However, if the swelling lingers for long, it will slow your healing. In arthritis, inflammation is also a major factor that worsens the condition.

To deal with inflammation, you can either take cannabis medicine orally or apply it topically. The plant's components reduce the amount of fluid buildup and tissue damage around the injury.

In case you want to choose the right topical for treating your arthritis, read the following article:

What Cannabis Topicals Can Help You With Arthritis?
What Cannabis Topicals Can Help You With Arthritis?
Over 50 million people in the world suffer from arthritis, a condition that usually affects joints, causes severe pain, swelling and stiffness along with a decrease of motion range. If you are one of these people, cannabis might be the safe and natural alternative you have been searching for.


Aging and lack of proper nutrients can make our bones brittle. Because of osteoporosis, our bones become so frail that they can break because of the smallest hit. Osteoporosis is a dangerous disease that makes you very vulnerable.

In a healthy body, old bone cells are constantly diminishing, and new cells replace them. This process is called bone metabolism. This way, our bones become stronger and remain healthy.

Osteoporosis occurs when this balance is disturbed, and the new bone material is not created fast enough.

A study on the regulation of bone metabolism conducted in 2011 showed promising results. The scientists found that fatty acid derivatives took part in the coordination of bone metabolism by interacting with cannabinoid receptors. You can read the study if you follow this link.

In connection to enhancing bone strength, not only CBD but also other cannabis components are worth studying. Today, another non-psychoactive compound—cannabigerol—is also studied with the prospect of treating osteoporosis.


Does marijuana help arthritis treatment? The relation of marijuana and arthritis has been a very popular question among the scientists lately. Arthritis is a complex disorder that requires scrutinous studying. One of the forms of arthritis, osteoarthritis, causes thousands of senior people to suffer every day. With age, the cartilage between the bone and the surrounding joints breaks. As a result, people feel pain, stiffness, and have difficulties moving.

Unfortunately, as of now, there is no cure for the disease. However, the research of cannabinoids has great potential. Earlier this year, a team of researchers was successful in treating pieces of cartilage with synthetic cannabinoids. The team found that cannabinoids could slow down the decay by deactivating arthritis-associated enzyme proteins.

There are a few cannabis remedies that can help you at least ease the symptoms of a fracture or bone disease. You can buy specialized medical marijuana topicals, cannabis pills, or try the tasty approach of eating edibles or drinking marijuana-infused tea.

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