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Marijuana and Asthma: Can Weed Help Lungs Stay Healthy?

Medical marijuana is believed to provide numerous health benefits. When used correctly, it can help you calm your mind or boost your motivation, make your body more sensitive or ease severe pain. But is there anything marijuana can do for people with poor lung health? Does weed help asthma, emphysema, and other respiratory diseases? MJWellness will share some valuable data with you.

Does Smoking Marijuana Affect Our Lungs
Does Smoking Marijuana Affect Our Lungs
As with everything surrounding the cannabis plant, the question of whether it helps keep our lungs healthy is still rather controversial. Many scientists studied the effects that smoking or vaporizing marijuana can have on us. The results show that there are both positive and negative consequences.

To smoke or not to smoke?

Today, there is no need to smoke a joint filled with dried weed in order to get medicated. There are plenty of other ways you can consume marijuana for recreational and/or medical purposes. And believe us, the way you consume your weed matters a lot.

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Top 6 Discrete Ways to Consume Weed
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Smoking cannabis, especially heavy smoking, can harm your lungs. Inhaling a lot of smoke does nothing good to your lungs, and this rule works for any type of smoke, including the marijuana smoke. It starts with light coughing and moves to serious inflammation to chronic bronchitis symptoms. And there are even more side-effects on the list.

When you smoke a joint or a bowl, you’re inhaling hot smoke with a lot of ashy plant material. It comes as no surprise that this way of marijuana consumption damages your lungs and airways. And when you suffer from asthma or other serious lung disease, all these side-effects of a long-term marijuana smoking can outbalance everything good you can get from lighting a joint. Moreover, smoking marijuana may worsen your condition. So, can you continue smoking weed with asthma or there is a better way to benefit from the plant?

The good news is that usually, those injuries are not serious and go away once you take a break or switch to another way of using weed. By simply choosing a vaporizer over a joint or consuming marijuana-infused edibles and drinks, you can prevent all the possible injuries caused by ash and high temperature.

4 Reasons Vaporizing Is Better Than Smoking
4 Reasons Vaporizing Is Better Than Smoking
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How can marijuana help you manage asthma?

So, is weed good for asthma? Yes, when you use it right. There are at least five ways you can benefit from marijuana if you suffer from asthma:

It may work as a good bronchodilator

One of the most significant benefits of marijuana for asthma patients is the plant's ability to work as a bronchodilator. Several studies show that administration of marijuana can help improve bronchoconstriction not merely in normal circumstances but, most importantly, during an asthma attack. Furthermore, according to a 1976 study, THC works the same way salbutamol, one of the most common medications for asthma and chronic bronchitis, does.

Can Marijuana Cough Be Ranked Among Negative Effects of Weed?
Can Marijuana Cough Be Ranked Among Negative Effects of Weed?
We are sure that many of you have wondered whether a marijuana cough is bad and why it happens. We have decided to explain this issue and give some recommendations for those smokers who want to get rid of such side effects of marijuana.

It may help reduce muscle spasms

Involuntary muscular spasms are one of the most common negative sides of asthma. During an asthma attack, bronchi and bronchioles contract and become inflamed. Luckily, marijuana may be able to help you deal with this problem. According to a study published in 2014, THC may reduce muscle contractions.

It may help you lower the inflammation

Marijuana cannabinoids are well-known for their ability to ease the inflammation. And asthma-related inflammation is not an exception to this rule.

Moreover, according to a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine back in 1973, THC in marijuana can dilate respiratory passages and ease coughing, even if marijuana was smoked. Although if you want to get the most from your medical weed, you should consider trying other ways to consume medical weed.

It may ease your pain

Up to 76 percent of patients with asthma report experiencing chest pain during their asthma attacks, says a study published in Postgraduate Medical Journal in 2000. And while there are no studies yet that can confirm marijuana's ability to concrete asthma-related pain, the plant is well-known for it general analgesic effects.

Best Strains of Medical Marijuana for Pain Relief
Best Strains of Medical Marijuana for Pain Relief
Chronic pain is one of the most obstinate and troublesome diseases people may have.

It may help your body fight infections

Bacterial and viral infections have been suggested to be among triggers that may cause asthma. And one of the possible ways to combat infections is by using antibiotics. Of course, your doctor may recommend you consume common antibiotics like erythromycin and azithromycin, but you need to know that marijuana may be used as an alternative antibiotic.

Cannabinoids in marijuana have been shown to have a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect. Fortunately for those marijuana lovers who suffer from asthma, some of the bacterial agents that are believed to be a potential cause of the disease can be combated with the help of cannabis cannabinoids.

Use medical marijuana wisely and do not forget to consult your doctor if you want your cannabis therapy to be safe and beneficial.

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