Apr 24, 2017 12:20 PM

Local Company Provides $1.85M to Ohio University for Cannabis Research

Black Elk Biotech, an Ohio-based company, has recently awarded Ohio University with $1.85 million to study the medical benefits that can be received from cannabis and some other natural products.

Black Elk Biotech, a branch of Black Elk, is a firm that deals with medicines and goods derived from plants, fruit, trees, and other kinds of vegetation.

The funding will finance a profound study on natural treatments for different medical ailments, including cancer, neurological disorders, and diabetes, according to The Post, a student newspaper run on the campus of Ohio University.

The study will last five years and is going to take place at OU’s Edison Biotechnology Institute.

Shiyong Wu, the OU Edison Biotechnology Institute director, has recently shared that researchers will need to obtain both federal and state licenses for the cannabis study. The applications for these permits are now pending.

At the first stage of the research, scientists will determine the impact of cannabis extracts on cells. Then, they will make tests on living organisms such as mice. Moreover, the group of researchers hopes to have the ability to conduct tests on humans.

Australian Philanthropist Donates $3M to Jefferson University
Australian Philanthropist Donates $3M to Jefferson University
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