Dec 5, 2016 12:05 PM

Jamaica to Become World Leader in Medical Marijuana Research?

The Jamaican government has recently announced that the country’s residents will have the right to receive special permits for different types of marijuana-related businesses. These new legal enterprises are likely to bring in new cannabis research, as well as make a substantial impact on the global weed market.

The Jamaican Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) has already started the preparations for the medical marijuana market across the whole country. The new regulations in Jamaica’s cannabis sphere will bring in significant economic growth for the state while the new research will initiate changes in the marijuana industries all over the world.

The new measures offer eleven types of marijuana-related permits with a possibility to add new ones as the program gets underway. For now, Jamaicans can apply for only three types of licenses for cultivation purposes, two types of research licenses, and two kinds of processing licenses. Transportation, which allows moving cannabis and its goods from one part of the island to another, has only one type of license. The limited amount of permits will help control the black markets that may try to benefit from the new laws.

Jamaica’s new legislation can have a much bigger impact on the foreign cannabis markets than the CLA expects. Currently, the American cannabis research industry still faces a range of limitations, as marijuana is listed as a Schedule 1 drug. Thus, many medical institutions do not recognize the research done in America because it is suspected to be illegal. With the legalization of cannabis testing, the CLA opens new channels of information to many scientists all over the world. Moreover, thousands of patients who desperately need marijuana treatment may get the required information and finally receive their medication.

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