Oct 1, 2016 9:35 AM

Israeli Investors Support Medical Marijuana Sorting Technology

Agrinnovation investment fund has provided financial support for the development of innovative technology for the automated sorting and analyzing of medical marijuana flowers. The technology was created by the medical company Cannabi-Tech Ltd, Rehovot, Israel.

Cannabis Is Our Future
Cannabis Is Our Future
The popularity of cannabis is constantly rising. More and more states come to the legalization of medical marijuana every year. This wave of popularity will inevitably alter the industry in the future—drastic changes await us.

Agrinnovation was founded by the Yissum R&D company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2015. Its aim is to invest in agricultural innovation. The company is now interested in the development of the technology that will allow marijuana producers to detect, analyze, and sort marijuana flowers automatically and in a nondestructive way.

Cannabi-Tech, the technology developer, ensures that this innovation will be cost-effective and user-friendly thanks to the combination of near infra-red spectrometry and imaging tools for accurately detecting a unique fingerprint for each cannabis flower and quantifying the active compounds in the weed plant.

Moreover, a sorter will be able to automatically sort weed flowers according to the pre-set criteria that are necessary for mass production. In addition, there is an automated packaging device and an attachable label generator for separate flower packing.

As even marijuana plants of the same strain can have different potency and composition, it is important for the producers to test every weed flower independently, and consequently, guarantee that consumers will get only high-quality cannabis products. This device can do exactly that.

Three Incredible Weed Innovations Everyone Wants to See in Near Future
Three Incredible Weed Innovations Everyone Wants to See in Near Future
The future of marijuana is almost upon us. The innovations in the weed tech world continue to wow the enthusiasts across the nation, and nothing suggests that the progress will slow anytime soon.

Nowadays, marijuana producers define the potency and composition of an entire batch of weed flowers with the help of statistical sampling. Thus, the results are usually unreliable as weed plants have a heterogeneous nature. Cannabis patients put their health at the risk of taking an improper dosage or weed with the wrong composition. Currently, there is no technology that could accurately test pot flowers and leave them intact in the process. MMJ doctors cannot be fully confident in the effect of marijuana when they prescribe it to their patients.

Thanks to Agrinnovation's investment, Cannabi-Tech can fund its research and development activities and continue to develop its product. The company is also financed by local companies, such as Kingenta Livnat Agri-science Development and UBS Agri Ventures Pty Ltd., also founded by the Hebrew University. However, the company is still looking for additional funding, according to the founders.

Medical marijuana helps people with various debilitating conditions, and nearly 1% of the world population need cannabis treatment. The potential of the international marijuana market is amazing, and the value of the weed market is forecast to be up to $20 billion within a decade.

While the cannabis market is growing, there is an increasing demand for the improved quality assurance and high-quality control testing, and Cannabi-Tech seems to be ready to meet these challenges.

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