Apr 25, 2016 4:00 PM

Interesting Facts About Private Lives of Pot Smokers

Spring is a time when we cannot help thinking about romance. That is why we decided to find out more about the private lives of marijuana devotees and, of course, share all our findings with you.

There is so much information on various medical marijuana uses and the multiple positive effects of cannabis, but would it not be fun to learn some random facts about the personal and social lives of single stoners?

Survey Findings

A recent survey conducted by Match showed intimate details of the lives of American singles. Overall, there were more than 5000 single survey respondents that had different ethnicities, ages, and incomes. A portion of the survey was devoted to the lives of single stoners. Let us find out what the cannabis community thinks about romance, sex, and relationships.


First of all, it is worth mentioning that marijuana devotees are very social. They are 58% more likely to have had a date in the past year and 151% more likely to be in a relationship. They do not avoid making new acquaintances. They are 44% more likely to be actively looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend. Here is an interesting fact: stoners are quite picky. They are looking for a person with a job, someone who does not live with their parents, and a man or woman that has already lost their virginity. Medical uses for marijuana is not the only topic you can use when on a date with a single pot smoker. You can talk about politics, environment, religion, etc. The thing is, many marijuana consumers are intelligent and educated—they are 65% more likely to have a college degree than non-smokers. Stoners also care for their health and fitness very much. They are 18 percent more likely to work out regularly. Moreover, young adults that consume weed are 18 percent more likely to have a job than those who do not support cannabis.


The most important fact here is that pot smokers are 109% more likely to have had multiple orgasms than non-smokers. The survey also revealed that marijuana users had 3,6% more orgasms during one intercourse and were 30% more likely to end the date with a make out session.

Searching for Partner

If you are looking for a man or woman who shares your interest in smoking pot, the survey may help you. The research found top 5 cities for meeting a marijuana-devoted partner. San Francisco is in the first place (63.38%), followed by San Antonio (60%), Nashville (54.55%), Denver (51.61%), and Seattle (51.14%). There are also some rules for those who are going to date a person from the state where pot is legal. The survey shows that it is better not to talk about marijuana legalization on the first date and not to smoke pot before it. You should also know that your date mate may be ready to start a family and have children.

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