Apr 21, 2016 4:05 PM

How to Realize You Are Way Too Stoned?

We have prepared another batch of interesting facts about marijuana. This time, we will teach you how to find out you are already way too stoned. We hope that these marijuana facts for teens, adults, or anyone who is interested in this topic will help someone understand that it is enough for today.

You are way too stoned if:

  1. You are still enjoying the song that ended several minutes ago.
  2. You are talking to your pet and get upset because it is silent as a grave.
  3. You are talking to your pet, and it replies.
  4. Everything is too funny.
  5. You cannot remember where your kitchen is.
  6. You reach your kitchen in an hour.
  7. You cannot finish a sentence because you are too tired to do it.
  8. You parrot your friend for no reason.
  9. You put your sentences together in an absolutely awkward manner.
  10. You fall in love with almost every song.
  11. You want to eat everything you see or think of.
  12. You decide to watch TV but feel too tired to turn it on and just stare at the black screen.
  13. You decide to make up a new religion based on a strong belief in tacos.
  14. It takes several hours for you to finish just one level of your favorite video game.
  15. You light your cigarette the wrong way.
  16. You get up and hurry to work and then understand that it is your day off.
  17. You suddenly understand that there is no reason to postpone your moon invasion.
  18. You cannot finish anything you started because you get distracted by something else.
  19. It takes you half an hour to roll a joint.
  20. You forgot where you put your lighter.
  21. You are too tired to move, and you feel good about it.
  22. You see policemen everywhere.
  23. You want to tell your friend something interesting but then forget what it was.
  24. You are afraid that everyone will know you are too stoned.
  25. A commercial break makes you forget what you were watching.
  26. You find yourself in some place, and you do not remember going there.
  27. You are too late with your replies.
  28. Visiting a grocery shop, you buy every candy you see.
  29. You do not remember where the rest of your weed is.
  30. You are always thinking of what to eat, even if you are already eating.
  31. You set your hair on fire instead of a cigarette.
  32. Your seat belt seems to be hard to operate.
  33. You forget to put water in the bong.
  34. You decide to order a pizza, but forget to call.
  35. You are searching for the thing that is already in your hand.
  36. You drive too slowly on the street and the highway.
  37. You play any board game by your own rules because you are not in the mood to look through game directions.
  38. You want to watch your favorite movie and fall asleep several minutes after it starts.
  39. You forget the names of your friends or confound them.
  40. You are trying to do something but cannot help being distracted by the feeling of hunger.

Of course, we hope that neither of these 40 things has ever happened to you, but in case they have, think about your marijuana use habits. Consume responsibly and always remember to stop in time.

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