Aug 13, 2016 9:25 AM

How to Lower Your Tolerance While Still Smoking Weed?

Sooner or later, everybody has to take a tolerance break to be able to enjoy weed again. But what if you do not want to take a break from your favorite pastime right now?

At first, developing a tolerance to cannabis seems cool because you can smoke more and look like a real professional. However, later, your tolerance grows, and you cannot enjoy the high anymore. Before you realize it, you are spending huge money on countless bags of weed and get no satisfaction from it. Usually, you should stop for a while and say “see you later” to cannabis. Well, this is the least favorite period for every cannabis enthusiast.

Fortunately for you, there are some ways that can lower your tolerance, and we are ready to share them with you.

Cut the Number

Well, the advice to smoke less is an obvious one. The more weed you use, the more you need to get high. If you are used to smoking a lot of cannabis every day, try to lower the number of times you pack a bowl or roll a joint. Day by day, you will smoke less and, thus, return to your initial tolerance level gradually.


Of course, smoking weed while exercising is a good way to enhance your productivity as well as making your high more enjoyable.

Smoking Weed and Working Out: Is Marijuana Good For Exercising?
Smoking Weed and Working Out: Is Marijuana Good For Exercising?
Marijuana becomes more popular every day, so it is no surprise that people are increasingly interested in how it affects their wellness. One of the more frequently asked questions here is probably the one about smoking weed and working out.

However, you probably do not know that training can reduce your tolerance to weed as well. As we know, THC is fat-soluble. And physical activities burn fat cells. Twenty minutes of hard exercising will help you. This is also why exercising is used when you need to detox your body before a drug test.

Best Detox for THC
Best Detox for THC
Sooner or later, every marijuana enthusiast can face a situation when they have to detox their body and get rid of any sign of THC in their system. There are many suggestions around the Web on how you can do it fast and safe.

Use Less Weed

If you cannot cut the number of rolls you smoke every day, try to lower the amount of herb you use. Of course, the high will not be as perfect as before, but your tolerance level will be fixed without drastic measures like completely quitting the habit.

If you like to use full bong bowls, it is time to switch to a pipe. Besides, you have to cut down the dabs you are taking per a session.

Choose Your Time Wisely

While many of us like to wake and bake, this daily routine is bad for your tolerance. Of course, the process may give you the energy and happy mood for the day, but you have to stop this habit for a while. While a morning smoke sets up your mood for the day, you have to smoke more that day to keep the happy high.

The best time to smoke for you now is early evening or, at least, late afternoon. If you make your first bowl in the evening after work, you do not need to smoke for a couple of hours. And when you need to renew you high, you are already sleeping. Besides, you can always find cozy indica strains that will relax and improve your sleep.

8 Best Indica Strains to Improve Your Sleep
8 Best Indica Strains to Improve Your Sleep
Most people who need some rest try to fix this problem using either extra cup of coffee or the nearest couch to lay on and get a few more minutes (or hours) of sleep.

Forget About Routine

If smoking had gradually become a routine pastime for you, you have to change things and do it quickly. Let us say that you are used to smoking every day after your lunch or after every cup of coffee. If you connect your smoking to a particular activity, your brain knows the pattern, and your body starts to anticipate the stimulus. As a result, you start smoking more every time.

Surprise your body and mind. Smoke unexpectedly so that the body does not anticipate anything, and you can get higher.

All these ways are really effective. However, if none of them or all of them together do not help you, it is really a time to take a break from cannabis. If you know any other means of lowering the tolerance, we will be happy to read them in the comments below.

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