May 3, 2016 8:20 AM

How to Legally Enjoy Recreational and Medical Marihuana Strains in 10 States

Do you want to become a legal weed smoker in 10 states? We will show you how.

You know that consuming, growing, or storing various recreational and medical marihuana strains may sometimes lead to arrests and fines. Today, we will teach you how to keep out of trouble and become an absolutely legal pot smoker in one-fifth of the United States.

If you are a marihuana devotee, you can forget about criminal prosecution. All you need is 15 minutes, $50, and a laptop.


How old are you? If you are over 21, such states as Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington are already at your feet. There, everyone who is 21 years old is allowed to smoke cannabis. Just visit any head shop and buy some marihuana-infused edibles or an ounce of your favorite weed strain.

Medical Marihuana Recommendation

Let us recall that in 23 states and Washington D.C. patients can take part in medical marihuana programs. However, let us be honest with you, it would very hard to obtain the necessary medical marihuana recommendation in each of these states except California.

If you are not from California, do not worry. Remember that you have a laptop. Just google the website that provides patients with California medical marihuana recommendations online. You will see a website with an online form. Fill it with your name and mailing address, even if it is not a Californian one. Here is a small and important tip, though. You have to tick a box on the form stating that you are currently in California. Once your form is filled, pack up and head for California, a wonderful state with enormous possibilities. And do not forget to take your laptop.

Now you should fill in your credit card information and pay a $49 fee. The representatives of the medical marihuana program will send you a link via email. Click it, and you will have a web conferencing app installed on your laptop. After the video and audio connection, you will speak to the receptionist. They will ask you about the place you are calling from. Tell them the name of the city in California where you are using your laptop. Then, you will contact the doctor. You should repeat the medical condition that you have already stated in the online form without showing any medical records. The doctor will mail you your laminated medical marihuana ID card and a letter with the doctor’s signature that confirms you suffer the stated disease and are recommended to use cannabis as a treatment. As simple as ABC, is it not?

Let us see, now you are a legal pot smoker in California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Arizona, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, and New Hampshire. Moreover, if the stated medical condition is qualified in Rhode Island, you are legal to use cannabis there as well. But remember that your out-of-state card does not allow you to buy marihuana products in Maine and Arizona. In 2018, however, your medical marihuana card will let you legally enjoy cannabis products in Hawaii. A good idea would be to renew your medical card online each year; who knows, maybe you will have an opportunity to use it in even more states. Good luck and have a nice high!

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