Mar 31, 2016 5:36 AM

How can medical marijuana help with…VIRAL HEPATITIS?

Definition of viral hepatitis

Viral hepatitis is one of the most dangerous diseases that kills more than 1,5 million people each year around the world. This very harmful condition requires long-term treatment and rehabilitation. Recent researches of medical marijuana effects show that its application can significantly improve life quality of patients and complement supporting existing treatments. It helps prevent fatal illness progression. Viral hepatitis could be easily detected due to one of the main symptoms, which is jaundice. When inflammation of liver reaches this stage,t t is extremely important to undergo a course of treatment.

Viral hepatitis is an inflammation of liver caused by infections. There five specific viruses which cause hepatitis – hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. As it was mentioned, the hepatitis can be caused not only by those viruses. There are other viruses that can cause hepatitis, but they are not "hepatitis" viruses. Each type of viral hepatitis exposes different symptoms. In addition, we can say that different types of hepatitis co-occur, which may cause further complications. According to the conducted surveillance of National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 4.6 million people in the United States have chronic viral hepatitis but most of them do not know it, because the hepatitis may be asymptomatic or may go unreported. More than 90,000 new people get the infection each year.

Hepatitis treatment should be prescribed depending on the virus type and symptoms the patient has developed. For example, hepatitis type A (HAV) causes only sickness, but do not result in chronic faze of infections and any symptoms. Another hepatitis viruses, such as hepatitis type B (HBV), are extremely dangerous because can lead to chronic infection and need an aggressive treatment. Application of medical marijuana can relieve the symptoms of some viruses, so it could be used to alleviate side effects of antiviral treatment.

Based on the researches on medical marijuana effects to viral Hepatitis, patients with viral hepatitis may develop depression and feel bad. To relief their state people start or continue to consume alcohol. In this case, patients who have a viral hepatitis of any type or any other liver disease must avoid alcohol. Pre-clinical test shows the efficiency of medical marijuana application which can treat alcohol dependence. Therefore, it could be useful for treatment of alcohol users with any type of hepatitis. It is also helps prevent patient distress during the treatment.

Another benefit of medical marijuana application is its low level toxicity. Some medications aggressively affect liver already damaged by virus. Its effect to the body is very mild comparing to the application of any other medicines for viral hepatitis so they can be use at the same time. In case when some form of hepatitis has symptoms of chronic pain and chronic illness, medical marijuana can make the treatment more effective.

Some researches stated that medical marijuana can improve the patient's state in case of inflammation in Chron's disease and skin condition. But, unfortunately, there are a very limited number of researches regarding effect of medical marijuana, inflammation and hepatitis. New researches have to be conducted, because medical marijuana really has the potential to alleviate the sufferings and reduce liver inflammation, as well as complement the treatment.

Application of antiviral therapy during the chemotherapy harmfully affects the patient. Doctors report that many patients discontinue treatment because it is painful and cause nausea and vomiting. The treatment spans over long period of time, usually more than several months. Combined with chemotherapy, medical marijuana helps overcome pain and nausea associated with antiviral therapy. This is not only improves the patient's state during treatment, but also improves adherence to the treatment. This can save the lives of patients which do not adhere to the treatment.

Recent researches show that patients who receive treatment with cannabis are most likely to finish their treatment.

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