Mar 31, 2016 5:36 AM

How can medical marijuana help with… INSULIN DEPENDENT DIABETES?

Definition of insulin dependent diabetes.

Generally, diabetes is a group of ailments that arise from continuously high levels of sugar in the blood. Insulin is a substance naturally produced by the pancreas, which helps control the blood sugar level. When the pancreas fails to produce insulin in substantial quantity, comes the type of diabetes known as ‘insulin dependent’. It is also commonly called juvenile diabetes, because symptoms usually start to show at young age. Classical symptoms include frequent urination, persistent sense of starvation, even regardless of nutrients taken, thirst and weight loss. Diabetics are also known to lose energy quickly, which may result in consciousness loss due to delay of meal or failure to inject the insulin dose.

Insulin management becomes essential for all diabetics. The therapy has to be continued indefinitely and, if handled properly, does not usually impair normal daily activities. However, this may be challenging for some people, and often adds negative emotional factors (i.e. depression, despair) to the physical condition. Untreated, diabetes can cause a series of complications such as stroke, heart failure, kidney disease, foot ulcers and vision disorders. Moreover, there can be complications from low blood sugar, too, in case of overtreatment.

How can medical marijuana help?

Medical marijuana has been tested and approved as an alternative anti-inflammatory medication, which, as opposed to steroid drugs, and does not pose side effects, undesirable by diabetics. Insulin dependent people are advised to avoid steroids at all costs, but since they are prone to arterial inflammation, medical marijuana may help cope with this particular problem. Neuroprotective properties of cannabis may also come of use protecting the nerve covering from inflammatory attacks that may be caused by glycoproteins in the blood. This also reduces neuropathy - the pain usually associated with diabetes Due to the fact that medical marijuana activates receptors in both internal organs and the nervous system, it can help people improve their mood and overall well-being.

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