Dec 1, 2016 12:10 PM

High THC Weed Side Effects

Unfortunately, scientists today do not know any medicine that comes without any side effects. Though cannabis is a potent drug, it has its own faults. However, the plant is considered a relatively harmless alternative to the traditional treatment.

When you consume any kind of cannabis derivatives, it is crucial to know their potency and the dosage you need. If your tolerance level is low, there may be some repercussions of using more than you can handle. In most cases, beginners experience minor side effects of the herb. However, if the plant is too potent, even seasoned consumers may suffer.

Are There Side Effects of Smoking Weed?
Are There Side Effects of Smoking Weed?
Every April 20, potheads all across the United States celebrate the so-called “Weed Day” or “420”—the unofficial holiday of marijuana.

What exactly can happen if you use a strain with a high THC level?

Dry Mouth and Eyes

Potent weed can make your mouth drier than a desert and irritate your eyes greatly. An average THC level can also sometimes cause this effect without it being bothersome. However, "cottonmouth" is hard to get rid of even if you drink a lot of water. It may even seem that your mouth has gone numb.

Scientists have found that there are cannabinoid receptors in our saliva glands. Cannabinoids are perceived as natural chemicals that bind saliva production.

Similar to dry mouth, high THC pot influences the state of our eyes. Red eyes are a signature feature that often characterizes stoners. That is why discrete consumers increase the demand for eye drops. The problem may be in the smoke, but other ways of consumption cause this effects as well. Another reason is the fact that THC lowers blood pressure and dilates blood vessels.

Paranoia and Anxiety

In general, cannabis is treasured for of its anti-anxiety properties. Even the strains that are not commonly used for medical purposes can fulfill the task. However, this property of weed can turn out to be its downside. When you consume a small dose of cannabinoids, the problem fades away. When you use a higher dose, it can bring anxiety back and even intensify it. The same rule goes for paranoia. Moreover, some people are unfortunate to be genetically predisposed to this kind of side effects and cannot use marijuana at all.

How Effective is Medical Marijuana for Anxiety?
How Effective is Medical Marijuana for Anxiety?
Using marijuana for anxiety has already helped millions of people around the world. Taking into account that there are more than 40 million of people suffering from anxiety only in the United States, we consider this issue to be of high importance.


As we all know, THC is a psychoactive compound of the plant. No surprise that the higher the content of THC is, the higher the chances of experiencing hallucinations are. Not all people experience this effect, but those who do are not overjoyed about it. You have to know your limits to ward off this “inconvenience.”


Hardly being the main disturbing consequence, the munchies accompany highs all the time. However, this hunger has two sides to it. It is most appreciated by people who have appetite disorders. You see, cannabis helps them gain back their passion for food. On the other side, there are people who do not need this kind of help and are afraid of gaining extra pounds. The problem can actually be solved in no time—there are special strains that do not cause munchies and can be used during a diet.

Diet Cannabis Strains Keep You in Shape
Diet Cannabis Strains Keep You in Shape
It is not a secret that many marijuana strains cause the munchies. Some people do not consider this effect troublesome. However, some of us may be worried about our shape. If you are afraid that you cannot smoke marijuana without gaining a few pounds, you have stumbled upon the right article.


Another side effect that is not quite negative for some people is lethargy. There are patients who see it as a therapeutic benefit and crave it. If you want to stay cheerful and energetic, be careful with not only high-THC plants but also indica strains, which are famous for the calming cerebral effects they provide.

Marijuana Strains That Make You Active and Energetic
Marijuana Strains That Make You Active and Energetic
Different people expect different effects from their pot. There are those cannabis enthusiasts who like lying on the couch and watching TV the whole day. Others are seeking an active high that will make anybody an eager beaver.

If you happen to be using a cannabinoid-based remedy that makes you sleepy and lethargic, try pairing it with coffee.

6 Ways to Break Morning Coffee Monotony With Weed
6 Ways to Break Morning Coffee Monotony With Weed
Do you agree that coffee and cannabis go together like salt and pepper? Both of them have similar effects and can make incredible things with our mood and body in the morning. If you used to consume them separately, it is the time to take them together. Here are six ways how you can brighten your morning coffee routine with marijuana.
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