Apr 17, 2016 5:00 PM

Harmful Effects of Weed. Should It Be Used Recreationaly?

When you decide to include cannabis into your life, be careful with the way you consume it and the possible consequences that the plant can cause. As we have already mentioned in numerous articles, the benefits of cannabis are impressive. The plant has many positive effects on our body. However, we should mention that there may be some negative effects as well—both from the medical and recreational use of cannabis.


Do not forget that one of cannabis' components THC is psychoactive. When the first-time stoners consume THC, the feeling may seem a little strange for them. Even marijuana veterans are not immune to it. Anything can happen—if you try a new strain and it is too strong for you, disorientation may hit you. Psychoactive influence of weed includes a disturbed sense of reality. You may feel as you are in some alternative reality or watching a TV show. The sense of place and time are also upset. However, some people enjoy the cerebral disorientation and find pleasure in it. For others, the feeling is uncomfortable. There is nothing beneficial in consuming cannabis if you feel bad after it.


There are many studies that try to determine whether the consumption of weed causes paranoia or not. It is not a constant side effect of marijuana, but some of us have experienced it. This effect is very alike disorientation. It is most common among the beginners and in case the dose of THC is too strong for you. Consume a little too much of the plant and you feel nervous and start to freak out without any real reason. The connection of cannabis and anxiety is complicated. Moderate doses of marijuana ease your anxiety. However, if you consume too much, the tables turn on you.


As with all other products that a human can consume, there is a chance that some people can have an allergy to it. It may be an allergy to the herb itself, or something that is mixed with it. There are many possibilities for cannabis to trigger your sensitivity. Besides plant's flowers, the quality of weed depends on the process of its growing, on the used pesticides, fertilizers, and miticides. All of them increase your chances for a bad reaction. Be careful with the paper you use for your rolls. Papers of bad quality guarantee you a bad experience with unpleasant effects that may include an allergy. You can minimize the risk of this harmful effect if you choose high-quality marijuana and change the method of consumption.

Heart Problems

It may not be a life-threatening effect, but remember that your heart rate increases when you smoke weed. The first hour you smoke weed, it is affected the most. Your heart rate may increase by 20-50 beats per minute. The rate is not critical and is rather common for people during different physical activities. However, if you already have problems with your heart, be careful when you consume marijuana.

Risk for Teens

The harmfulness of weed is a highly debated question, especially in the issue of teens using marijuana. Teens' brains are still developing and require healthy conditions for a proper process. It is an urgent question, whether additional cannabinoids that get into our body can harm adolescents' development or not. Of course, there are many cases when children are prescribed to use medical cannabis. These cases always include severe illnesses and do not agree with children using cannabis for recreational purposes. All effects of marijuana on the body of an adolescent are not substantially studied yet and a need further research.

Can You Reduce Negative Effects?

There are many ways to reduce the negative effects of cannabis. They are not so severe that you have to quit immediately. First of all, do not buy weed at some random dealer. Visit the specialized dispensaries or head shops. Look for the high-quality weed with an index of the THC amount in a strain.

Carefully choose your dosage. Too much weed will do nothing good for you. In case you have consumed a too strong dosage, there are numerous ways to ease the side effects and detox your body. In this case, the side effects of an overdose include dizziness, nausea, headaches, and vomiting.

Choose the right way of consuming it. Select the one that suits you best and keep to it. Use vaporizers and bongs to reduce the harmful effects of the weed smoke on your lungs. Besides, this way, you do not need to worry about the quality of your rolling paper.

Make breaks. If you are a regular recreational consumer, you need to take pauses once in a while. Take a tolerance break—in time, your organism becomes less susceptible to marijuana and you need to increase the dosage to get high. It may be risky for your health.

Be careful and alert.

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