Nov 22, 2017 3:22 PM

Green is the New Black

This Thanksgiving weekend, Black Friday is Green Friday at medical marijuana dispensaries across the country, where special offers, discounts, sales and other incentives will be in high demand. Like any other patient, medical marijuana patients lean in the direction of lower cost medications over higher priced brand names, and specials, customer loyalty programs, and other seasonal offers are an attractive option to patients on a budget.

Last year it was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving that saw the largest increase in sales over a normal day, with an average 55% uptick in marijuana product related transactions nationally. Dispensaries around the country reported brisk increases in pre-Thanksgiving sales of marijuana-infused foods which can be highly potent and effective in treating patients suffering from qualifying medical conditions. Sales of edibles - brownies, cookies and candy - have remained steady both in recent days and during Green Friday last year.

At Midwest Compass Center's dispensary in Romeoville, partner and co-founder Nicole van Rensburg watched as skilled budtenders explained to registered patients and designated caregivers the various strains of medical marijuana and how they interact in treating symptoms associated with qualifying medical conditions. "Different species of plants are used to treat different diagnoses," said van Rensburg, "and although every patient is different, factors such as methods of administration, patient tolerance, other medications and so on, all influence how a particular patient's condition will respond to treatment."

Next Thanksgiving's Green Friday may see even more legal marijuana stores across the country, and van Rensburg is prepared: "Midwest Compassion Center offers frequent educational classes and community events geared toward explaining the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program, and these Q&A events are very popular, and an opportunity to not only to learn about the program, but also connect with other people dealing with similar challenges."

Chicago Tribune
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