May 29, 2017 12:25 PM

Get Rid of Cold and Flu With These Home-Made Remedies

Cannabis is largely used for medical purposes nowadays. From treating insomnia to easing seizures, the plant is considered an effective remedy that many people resort to. However, few of us think about its benefits in treating a simple cold or flu when you have no wish to even light up a joint.

When we are sick, we do not have the energy or desire for anything other than swallowing pills, drinking hot tea, and sleeping. This bothersome tickle back in your throat that turns into a hacking cough does not allow even the thought of smoking to enter your mind. You are already feeling bad; the smoke will only worsen the condition. However, what if we told you that marijuana could help you lessen the symptoms and decrease the number of sick days?

Of course, your condition will not improve because of a few burning joints that will only irritate your throat. Instead, there are many other ways to medicate with cannabis during a cold. Any one of them will help you with watery eyes, a runny nose, headache, and sniffles.

There are a few recipes that are easy to use at home. You can choose any strain to your liking. However, it would be more beneficial if you took the ones with a high CBD content.

The first thing that can help you fight off flu and cold is, of course, honey. This product is very useful and is often applied by people during an illness. Combined with weed, it can do real wonders. Besides, what medicine can be tastier than honey, especially when it is used together with some flavorful marijuana strain? Here is a useful article that contains all the necessary information about this magical remedy.

Cannahoney Is Evolution of Weed Edibles
Cannahoney Is Evolution of Weed Edibles
Are you a fan of edible marijuana products? Have you tried numerous kinds of them and consider yourself a specialist? Well, there is probably one product that you have not even heard about yet—cannahoney.

The possibilities are limitless—mix it with tea, eat it with cookies, etc.

Another useful helper that is also traditionally used to ease the symptoms of a cold is herbal tea. It warms you up and relaxes your throat. Just honey, tea becomes only better when spiced with marijuana. They make each other even more useful. Add weed to masala tea to get a spicy remedy or combine marijuana with delicate mint and melissa leaves for relaxation. Basically, pot can be coupled with any sort of tea you like to drink when you are sick. Moreover, cannabinoids also go well with milk and cream.

4 Best Cannabis Tea Recipes
4 Best Cannabis Tea Recipes
What can be a better way to warm up in winter than drinking hot sweet tea? Besides, there is nothing better on a hot summer day than iced tea with a bit of lemon. This drink is so popular and versatile that you cannot count all various recipes for this beverage throughout the world.

Another recipe to use on your sick day is kief-infused chicken soup. This common home-made remedy has been used for centuries. It not only warms you up and gives you the lacking strength but also brings the nostalgic comfort that reminds you of the days when your mother treated you with this dish. Combine it with an indica-dominant strain and get a mellow buzz that will distract you from the burning in your throat and headache. Besides, the warm broth will lull you to sleep, which promotes healing.

All in all, there are many ways to consume cannabis during your cold without the need to smoke or vape it. We showed you only the most beneficial combinations. However, any edible will be effective against fatigue, migraine, and nausea. Choose your own way of treatment and be careful with the dosage.

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