Jun 5, 2016 9:20 AM

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Hiding Weed in Your Car

We may like smoking weed and know a lot about various marijuana strains or weed-infused products, but when it comes to hiding weed, we sometimes act like complete dolts. That is why we decided to share some simple rules of hiding your weed in the car that will certainly help you. If you want to stop worrying about being caught by the police, parents, your girlfriend, or even friends, you should simply follow our easy rules. We are sure that after reading this short article, you will find your own regular spot to hide weed and will not have to learn what states have recreational marijuana legalized.

There are two significant things you should know to hide weed in your car successfully. First of all, it is very important to put yourself in the mind of another person. Think where would you look first if you were trying to find something illegal. Secondly, you should not forget that marijuana is a rather smelly product. (It may seem surprising, but a lot of stoners forget about the smell in a critical situation.) We will teach you how to find an ideal spot for hiding your goods by noting these two factors.

Hiding the Aroma

First of all, you should pack your pot in any bag or container to hide its aroma. Today’s technologies can easily solve the problem of masking the smell of marijuana products. There are many tools that can hide but at the same time preserve the aroma of your favorite marijuana buds, such as, for instance, smell-proof bags. The main advantage of such bags is their thinness. It allows you to hide such bags anywhere you want. Moreover, they are quite cheap and come in various sizes, so you can always choose the right one. They are also great at preserving the aroma of your marijuana buds. Such smell-proof bags can be bought in any head shop or even online.

Another option is to keep your pot in mason jars. They are even better at saving the marijuana aroma than smell-proof bags. Moreover, you can decorate or paint the mason jar to make the weed in it barely noticeable. Mason jars also come in various sizes and are perfect for storing not only buds but pipes, too.

The best variant for hiding weed in your car is using stash cans. You can buy these cans in any head shop or online. Moreover, you may use cans from various energy drinks, lint rollers, deodorant sticks, or household items. Most of them have hidden compartments, which makes them ideal options. It is a common thing for a driver to forget to throw away a soda can or a Pringle’s chips container, so nobody will ever pay attention to them.

Hiding Spots

If you do not want to be caught, you should be very careful when choosing where to hide your pot. We recommend you to be creative; of course, you can use our options, but try to think of your own ways to stash weed.

You can hide your marijuana behind the car panels, inside the engine compartment, or under the hood. Moreover, most of the drivers keep a spare tire in the trunk. If you are one of them, use it as a hiding spot. You can also hide marijuana inside the gas cap, but do not forget to check if it is sealed. You can hide pot under the cup holder or in the middle compartment. Finally, weed can be easily hidden in any stash can. If your car is not very clean inside, you can benefit from it putting the stash can anywhere in the car.

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