Apr 9, 2016 5:45 PM

Effects of Marijuana on Brain: No Harm to Your Intelligence

Let us be honest—at least once in our lives, everyone has heard that marijuana use makes people stupid. While constant medical studies led to scientific breakthroughs, the scientists kept silent about the influence of marijuana on our intelligence. But finally, a new study from Duke University has shed light on negative and positive effects of marijuana on our brain and broken the popular stereotype.

Twins Scenario

The Duke University study is a new step in the investigation of the impact of cannabis on a person’s brain. We can easily call it a game-changer. To conduct this research, the scientists analyzed the cognitive abilities, habits, ups and downs of identical twins. Actually, the objects of analysis meant a lot in this research. The twins had the same social background and nearly the exact body chemistry. Moreover, they were similarly brought up. These things made it easier to maintain experimental integrity.


As to the results of the study, it was found out that adolescent use of cannabis does not lead to neurocognitive decline. It turns out that teenagers who have a high level of IQ gradually get bored at school. The reason is simple. They find nothing new in the subjects and are not interested in them. Such teenagers are very likely to suffer from intellectual decrease and develop a habitual use of cannabis later on in life.

The study proves that the teenagers with the lowest IQ are just as likely to develop habitual and constant cannabis use as those with the highest one. While teenagers with low IQ become dependent on cannabis because of the decrease in brain development, the ones with high IQ start the constant use of marijuana because they are bored.

Of course, this scientific research does not mean that cannabis consumption cannot harm your health. Do not ever forget that marijuana is a drug. Even if it is a natural plant, it is still a drug. We recommend our readers to be attentive toward everything they consume. In terms of marijuana, responsible use is the best option.

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