May 30, 2016 8:50 AM

Does Weed Make You Lose Weight

As marijuana is becoming more popular by the day, people start asking questions about its compatibility with their everyday routine. According to multiple studies conducted by the researchers and scientists, marijuana patients know how to benefit from cannabis to treat their symptoms. Recent studies also showed that smoking pot could be very useful for people who are shape-training or working out because cannabis is an anti-inflammatory drug that makes us physically tougher. Moreover, marijuana is great for easing anxiety and relieving pain, which is very important for those who want to make their workouts more effective. But does marijuana use help us lose weight? Let us find out.

Marijuana and Weight Loss

According to the conducted research, marijuana use lowers insulin resistance, improves fasting insulin level, and is very helpful for our metabolism. That is why there are a lot of athletes who combine their everyday training routine with the consumption of marijuana or marijuana-infused products.

The interest in marijuana weight loss makes us take a closer look at the insulin issue. The thing is that insulin is a hormone that affects our body more than we may imagine. When we eat carbohydrates-rich food, insulin lets our body use all the glucose from it to provide us with energy. In case a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, insulin stores the glucose for future use. Since the insulin maintains the level of blood sugar in our body, it shoots out the unused glucose to our cells, and the level of fat rises. The problem of weight gaining may also occur in case an individual has dysinsulinism, which means that their body does not handle insulin properly. That is why the study on the impact of cannabis use on glucose and insulin is so important for those who want to know if smoking pot would help them lose weight.

It is a well-known fact that marijuana is a medication that produces appetite increase; however, the 2013 epidemiological study showed that the level of obesity among marijuana users was much lower compared to non-users. It makes the scientists presuppose that THC may cause weight loss and is able to treat obesity.

Cannabis and Training

While marijuana consumption is able to improve various processes in our body and allow us to lose weight, training is obviously a perfect tool to enhance the obtained results. That is why it is significant to show how cannabis can assist us in it. We have already mentioned that marijuana is an anti-inflammatory medication that releases us from anxiety and pain, making our workout more efficient. But this is only the beginning. The study on exercising and THC concentrations showed that our body stored THC, the main active component of the cannabis, in fat. It means that when we are working out, and our fat burns, the stored THC diffuses back into the blood. It means that those cannabis users who are training may experience a body and head high and benefit from this extra boost even up to 28 days after the last marijuana consumption. It is also worth mentioning that the greater is the BMI of the individual, the greater increase in THC they will experience.

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