Apr 12, 2016 4:20 PM

Does Weed Help With Anxiety? Top Ten Strains to Relieve Symptoms

The relationship between medical marijuana and anxiety is not simple. Some people may feel stress, worries, and tension going away already after the first puff, while others experience worsening of the anxious state and may even have panic attacks.

For all people, it is okay to have some worries from time to time. You may experience stress at work or general worries about your future or someone else's health. It is only when you cannot control your anxiety, and it becomes more and more severe with every attack that you may talk about disorders.

PTSD, excessive worrying, phobias, OCD, and social anxiety are only some of the anxiety disorders that heavily impact human health. According to the survey, there are about 18 percent of Americans (almost 40 million people) who suffer from different kinds of anxiety disorders.

How can medical marijuana help the problem?

Our endocannabinoid system plays a significant role in regulating our emotional state and anxiety as well. In amygdala and hypothalamus, there are cannabinoid receptors (mostly CB1). Once these receptors are blocked (for instance, by some medicine), a person experiences a high level of anxiety. Some strains of marijuana have similar side-effects, especially for new users.

According to the Israeli research, the anxiety side-effect of marijuana greatly depends on the dosage. While micro-dosing brings emotional relief, higher doses increase the anxiety state.

At the same time, high-CBD strains do not have this side-effect at all, no matter what dosage you choose. It is already known that CBD blocks some of the side-effects of THC, but over the last five years, some more studies were conducted that confirmed that the CBD compound could not only decrease the negative effects but also reduce the anxiety caused by other reasons.

That is why low-THC/high-CBD strains can be used in this situation with less danger of having undesirable consequences. Though, as always in this kind of situations, you should not follow the advice blindly, you should always try and experiment in order to find a perfect weed for your own unique case.

3 The Kings is a well-balanced hybrid strain that takes best from both indica and sativa weed. This strain can bring you a pleasant high without the sedative effect. Therefore, it is suitable for consuming during the day. 3 The Kings is very good for calming your stress and depression—you can notice the changes already after the first puff.

Ash stands for Afghan Skunk Haze, and though it is an indica-dominant strain, with micro-dosing it treats anxiety better than some sativa strains. Ash provides you with both an energized and calm state, so it is enough to make just one or two puffs and feel its slightly spicy flavor, and the weed will change your mood for the better.

Cannatonic is a balanced strain with a high level of myrcene terpene that is responsible for mind relaxation. It can effectively alleviate your anxiety and panic attacks and make you feel elated. It can be a bit sedative, so beware of the dosage.

Granddaddy Purple is a popular indica hybrid that you can find in almost every dispensary. Just a few puffs will relax your body and mind, releasing your head from all the worries and tension. It is also good for those who experience insomnia and chronic pain.

Jack Herer is actually a high-THC strain, but it can help calm your stress not only with micro-dosing but with average doses as well. It could be that this effect comes from one of Jack's parents—Northern Lights. In any case, Jack Herer brings you a calm elevating state, helps clear your head from negative thoughts, and stimulates motivation and productivity.

Just like the video game hero, Duke Nukem strain is effective in killing all the enemies of your well-being. It can not only reduce your stress and anxiety state but also alleviate headaches, migraines, muscular pain, and ocular ailments. Duke Nukem provides a very strong stoned effect, so it would be wise to consume it either in the evening or during the weekend.

Though Nebula is a hybrid strain, it works like most of the sativa herbs. With every puff, the honey aroma and flavor will fill both your body and your mind, making you more and more relaxed. If you do not want to experience the high effect, you may stop at 3-5 puffs.

The famous Skunk #1 is a really good option for easing any kind of mood disorders, whether it is depression, anxiety, panic attack, or PTSD. It is also often prescribed as an additional remedy for insomnia and chronic pain.

Special K is another high-THC strain that you should consume very carefully if you only want to get the medical effect but not get stoned. With just one puff, you will feel your body relax, your mind clear, and your state elevate.

Tangerine Haze is a typical sativa-dominant hybrid that is often prescribed for treating emotional disorders, depression, and PMS. With its tangerine smell and flavor, this strain produces a strong sedative effect if consumed in high doses and an uplifted, happy mood when lower doses are used.

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